November 27, 2012


I probably should have posted this "recipe" a month ago leading up to Halloween, but that would be too easy and it is totally not me to think ahead and umm....plan posts.

I like to be spontaneous.

Middle child has two wonderful teachers who job share or something cool like that. One of his teachers made slime for their Halloween fun day and then my kids came home and directed me to go buy Borax and Elmer's Glue for days afterwards.

I held off thinking the novelty would wear off, but it didn't, and everyday after school when he found out I didn't rush out to buy the stuff, he had a spaz.

Spaz=8 year old tantrum
8 year old tantrum=telling me he hates me and I am the worst mother ever and I never do anything for him while stomping around and slamming doors.

So off I went to buy Borax and glue, just to prove to my spoiled, behaviourally challenging kid that I really do love him.

Buying Borax=love

And then I made him some goo/slime.

What you Need
*150ml glue (Elmer's works best)
*150ml warm water
*150ml hot water
food colouring
45ml 20 Mule Team Borax

Step A
Mix glue, warm water and colouring in a bowl

Step B
Add 45ml Borax to 150ml hot water into a different bowl.  Stir until dissolved.

Slowly add (B) bowl to (A) bowl.
Mush it around until it thickens
Knead it with hands until it becomes slimy and gross like this.
I left it for a few hours to dry it out just a bit but afterwards can be stored in a Ziploc bag.
My kids were obsessed for days and ended up making two more batches.
just maybe.....
I played with it too.
And...... I also deodorized the toilet bowls with the Borax powder.
Multi-tasking is my middle name.
parenting BY dummies


Gigi said...

Is it weird that my take-away from this post is that your (i.e., Canadian) Borax is packaged differently than my (i.e., American) Borax?

But I have to admit, I am intrigued....and I don't have any 8 year old children to make this for.

Joyce Lansky said...

I'm glad our slime days are over. :)

Kimberly said...

Oh I totally would have played with it too!

Kimberly said...

Oh I totally would have played with it too!

Kimberly said...

Oh I totally would have played with it too!

Nicole Buckingham said...

yes to goo. goo all year long, i say! love it.


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Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

That looks amazing! And gross. ;-) I may have to try this recipe out since my son is looking over my shoulder right now asking, "Mommy, wass DAT? I want DAT!" Great.