April 02, 2013

Country Folk

I have been fighting it for years and probably wont ever consider myself 100% country due to my undying love of pretty smells, busy shopping malls, running water and rodent-free environments.

But the rest of my family is another story.

I swear, if I didn't birth my three children myself, I would be convinced they come from someone who lives in the back country.

The far north.
Or south, depending on where you live.

My children listen to Merle Haggard.
And George Strait.
With a little Jason Aldean thrown in from time to time.

Last week confirmed any verysmall doubts I had about the kind of folk that surround me at my house.
Just for kicks, we went to an equine expo.  Its where extreme horse lovers go to hang out with other horse lovers.
Where they can buy horse stuff.
Talk horse talk.
Where they can "ooooo" and "ahhhhhh" at plaid shirts and cowboy boots.

Fun times, my friends.  Fun times.

Girl child got to go for a pony ride. On a pony who had his dink out the entire time, but whatever.
We have our own horses at home.
"Real" horses.
Not little, pretend horses with small penises.

My boys wanted this hat.

My girl wanted these.
And this.

And showed her butt crack without a care in the world.

Husband got very excited about the big trucks.
Big trucks are $70,000.

I talked about our Percheron horses like I actually knew something while we were standing in front of this Percheron horse because I wanted to fit in.
I think it worked because two older ladies with knee high cowboy boots then asked a few questions.
And I answered.
Yep. Uh huh.
Side note.
Knee high cowboy boots on senior citizens look funny.

Confession #2
I secretly dream of being a barrel racer wearing red sequined outfits and Laura Ingalls braids.

Confession #3
I want two of these.
I would name them "Squirt" and "Tiny".

Confession #4
We bought these for the girl child.DSC_0389

And then we listened to country music the entire way home.
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Gigi said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say you lived in Texas!

And yeah, I want a pair of those boots that your little girl has - they are too cute.

Jill said...

I relate well to Country folk :) Luv the blue boots!

~ Jill


Stacy Uncorked said...

I wasn't born a Country Girl, but I've certainly turned into one. I've already told the hubby our next house needs to have enough land so we can get two horses - even though he's scared to death of them. He'll get over it. ;) LOVE all the shots!

Uniquely Artistic Princess Nagger Part Deux

MTWaggin said...

Resistance is futile!!! LOL Girl child looks very happy with her new boots and the mini - well I have a friend who now has one and she is having the BEST time with him - carting, doing horse agility. Okay she has 3 other normal sized horses too.

Elaine Alguire said...

Those boots are awesome. I want a pair!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and photography ~ Sounds like the whole family is 'country' and look at those boots! Wow!
Thanks ^_^

Carletta said...

I smiled all the way through your post - nice reading.
LOVE the boots!

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Oh boy, I would have loved those boots as a girl. I was accidentally born into a suburban family - I think I belong on a ranch (just saying). I loved your post and photos!

Amy Burzese said...

Love those boots! And that cap would be perfect for a lot of people I know. lol

Karen said...

Those little horses are so cute!