September 09, 2013

A Hello with some Randmness Thrown In

Last week I sent my three babies off to school in their brand new clothes, with new backpacks that don't yet smell like stinky feet and months old milk.
I kissed one goodbye.
Waved goodbye to one.
Said "See Ya" to another.
And "I love you" to all three.

Then I turned around and walked to my mini van.....alone.
Wondering how the heck summer is over already
Wondering why my babies have to grow up so fast.
Wishing summer would last just a little while longer.

Grade 6.  Grade 4.  Senior Kindergarten.
Hold me.
I took most of the summer away from my blog.
Mostly because I was playing Candy Crush on the ipad and scanning Pinterest for clothing I will never buy.
Oh, and there was Duck Dynasty....
...and Honey Boo Boo.....
....and weekends away....
and Jersey the dog who takes up more time than my infant children ever did.
Anyways, I have to get back into the swing of things, so lets start with some randomness, shall we?
* Dear Miley Cyrus.
Where are your parents?
* Jersey the dog is allergic to poultry.
Do you know how many brands of dog food have chicken/turkey/byproduct crap in them?
But, luckily we found {an expensive} one that is 80% seafood and 20% fruits and vegetables.
Thank gawwwwwd, because if I had to store raw fish in my freezer, I would have moved out.
* True story.
I neglected the garden all summer.
So badly that the weeds grew taller than me.
And when the weeds got so tall, I was terrified to walk in it because I was convinced a snake was going to attack me.
*  Can we discuss this video and how perfectly, awesomely amazeballs it is?

I mean, really.
A cat in a shark suit.
On a roomba.
Following a duck.
There is nothing better.

I have a roomba.

My new goal in life is to dress Jersey the dog in a chicken/turkey costume and get him on the roomba. 
If it will hold 75 pounds.

*  Good looking couple alert.
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg.

* I officially declare this summer, The Summer I Wore Skinny Jeans.  Thats right.  I bit the bullet and squished my squishiness into skinny jeans without caring what others thought.   I am 38 years old and have birthed three large babies, damn it.  So what if I have some squish. 

* Dear Me.  Go to the gym.

* The Toronto International Film Festival is happening right this second.  Julia Roberts.  Matthew
McConaughey.  Brad Pitt.  Jennifer Garner.  Sandra Bullock.  They are all here.  I am 30 minutes away and have thought about driving there with my zoom lens.

But then I remember I can see them on TV or in People magazine anytime without the thousands of other humans pushing their way through with their zoom lenses.

Did you miss me?
lowercase letters

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Gigi said...

Yes, you've been missed. I think I need to go buy a Roomba now. And maybe even a cat.