February 10, 2014

Olympics Random Thoughts

*Just so you know, as of this moment...
That's right, bitches.  Canada is kicking butt.

*I wish I was a skier....
...or a skater....
...or a curler....
...or a hockey player...
...or, well, athletic in any kind of way

*I enjoy some of the tight-fitting outfits

*You all know I have bathroom issues.  So, you must know that if I saw this, I would get poop soup immediately, because the thought of uncomfortable or notnearby bathroom facilities starts the system, if you know what I mean.

*I would like to toboggan down some of those ski hills
*Tobogganing should be an Olympic sport.  Then I would be an athlete.
*We were watching speed skating.  By the end of the 3000m race, the skaters were practically panting from the exhaustion.  My kids couldn't understand why they were all laughing.  And, when I explained that they were exhausted, my kids couldn't understand why........
*Apparently there is a stray dog problem in Sochi.  Can someone send them all here and I will love them forever?
*Dear Russia.  Gay people are awesome.  Gay athletes are awesome.  Just accept everyone and the world will be a better place.
*Do moguls skiers eventually need knee replacements?
*When a Canadian wins, I cant help but do the ugly cry.
*Dear Canadian athletes.  You guys rock and the entire country is cheering you on.  Love Moi

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