February 01, 2012

High School Sucked the Biggest Ball Sac Ever. The End.

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Everyone has a story to tell.
I prefer to forget my high school story.
Like, if I could erase my high school life from my memory and the memory of everyone I was associated with during that time, I would in a second.

But I cant.
So I will talk about it and rehash that horrible time in my life, which means I will need my therapist to come to my house every day to coax me out of the corner.
While I shake.
And rock back and forth.
With my fist in my mouth.

But anyways.

Me in High School
1.  Wanting everyone to like me so I would do anything I could to gain acceptance....and friends.
2.  Skipping breakfast and lunch because I didn't want people to see me eat.
3.  Holding my tummy in as it growled for the afternoon because I didn't eat breakfast and lunch.
4.  Hanging out with anyone who would show me attention, even though I knew they were nothing like me.
5.  Hating myself at the end of the day because I was such a pushover.
6.  Wearing jeans with no pockets in the back because I thought my bum looked nicer.
7.  Wearing shiny, glossy pink lipstick because I thought it suited me.  I was so wrong.
8.  Hating math class.
9.  Hating English class.
10.Hating history class.
11.Hating every frickin class I took because I hated school and everything associated with it.
12.Never wearing sandals because I hated bare feet.
13.Friends with my soon to be husband who was nice to me and so much like me.  Unlike the other poopy people.
14.Crushing on my English teacher.
15.Thinking I was fat.
16.Eating my feelings.
17.Talking on the phone until 4am.
18.Thinking my parents were old and out of touch with the real world.
19.Listening to music on my walkman.
20.Counting the days until it was all over.

Dear Therapist.  Please come soon.  I will be in the corner.  Love Momma
Mama’s Losin’ It


Gigi said...

Now that I am *ahem* more "mature," looking back, I think pretty much everyone was self-conscious, anxious and needy in high school.

Kasey said...

Sounds pretty much what high school was like! Not my favorite time in life either!

christina said...

uh yeah, your title says it all for my opinion on it as well.

Jenners said...

Sounds kind of familiar to me … though I never skipped a meal!

Madeleine said...

I don't have the best memories of high school, hence why I left that prompt well and truly alone! But yeah, from the way American high schools are portrayed on film and in TV, it seems particularly hellish and I'm glad I had no part of it - although I reckon it sucks universally for many people ;)

Heatherlyn said...

I really enjoyed the academic part of high school. Except for math. I never really *got* math. But anyways. High school was frustrating because I wanted to go there and learn but you know most teenagers aren't walking around in an ivory tower and you have to blend in and get along and its really ... tiresome. I went to high school with some really great people. But I just couldn't relax. If I could go back I'd tell myself to relax and breathe. But I wouldn't *get* that advise back then any more than I *got* the math.

Sister, we need each other! said...

found your blog by accident... you are a crack up! love it!