November 10, 2008

An interview with Studley

Some Studley info.

9 year old black lab.


Best dog ever!

Momma: Studley, would you mind if I asked you a few questions?
Studley: Yawn

M: Why do you always run away when I let you outside to go to the bathroom?
S: Because it's fun.
M: Isn't it fun living at our house?
S: Most of the time, but I enjoy peeing and pooping on the neighbours lawns and smelling the other dog's bums. Fun times.
M: But I feed you. Cuddle you. Give you treats.
S: Yeah, but you don't let me smell your bum.
M: Ok, point taken. What is your favourite thing to do?
S: Besides running away and smelling other dog's bums, I like to eat and sleep.
M: Why do you always steal food off of the table and counter?
S: Duh. Why wouldnt I? Why do you guys leave it there?
M: What was your favourite food that you ate off the counter?
S: It has happened so many times, I forget. The raw chicken breasts. The loaves of bread. The platter of Christmas cookies. The plate of cupcakes. Mmmmmmm..........................
M: Do you like the new bed(s) we bought for you?
S: Yeah, but I would really enjoy a matching pillow to go with them.
M: Hahahaha. Funny dog you are.
S: Thanks. I try.
M: Why do you always lick your privates?
S: Because I can.
M: Do you know that you snore really loudly?
S: It doesn't bother me at all and if you were sleeping it shouldnt bother you at all.
M: You woke me up!
S: Sucks to be you.
M: What are you dreaming about when you kick and moan in your sleep?
S: That's private. Let a poor guy have some privacy. It's bad enough that I deal with 3 children poking and climbing on me all day. Can't I have some "me time". Geesh.
M: Sorry. Do you know that we all cuddle you because we love you so much?
S: Yes...and you should. I am a great dog. You couldnt live without me. I know. I will bless you with my presence for a few more years.....or until I find somewhere better.
M: Thanks.
S: Roof.


~Jobthingy~ said...

dude.. if you could lick your privates wouldnt you do it all the time also? DUH

Lex the mom said...

This is, by far, one of the best interviews I've ever read! Cheers, Studley!!