November 09, 2008

Person of the Week

The first person is my dearest, greatest grandfather. Why you ask? Because it is his birthday today, that's why!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Besides the obvious, that he is adorable and enjoys cutting the grass, there are many reasons that he is at the top of my list for greatest, most inspirational people.

1. He married my equally fabulous grandmother.
2. He helped create my wonderful mother.
3. He ran a successful dairy farm.
4. He still runs his own 79 years old.
5. He still thinks of Sunday as a "day of rest".
6. He created my mother, who then created moi!
7. He enjoys his family and having 20+ people take over his home every holiday.
8. He likes to eat..ALOT. No matter how horrible he is feeling, his plate is always full of food. I like that in a man.
9. He isn't too tough to show his love and appreciation. I also love that in a man. It is rare.
10. He knows how to run big machinery-bulldozers, loaders, excavators. You name it. He is an expert and a hero to my machinery-loving sons and hubby.
11. He is a hard worker. That is an understatement and anyone who knows him will agree.
12. He has been married for 50+ years.
13. He still loves my grandma.
14. He is known by many in his community, including the local hospital who know him by his first name. A good thing and a bad thing.
15. He goes to church every Sunday.
16. He came to our new house for Thanksgiving, even though he felt horrible. That says alot.
17. Even if there weren't 16+ reasons, it wouldn't matter. He is my grandpa. I love him unconditionally and can't wait to see what kind of life he has in the next 79 years.

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Love your oldest (and most favourit-est) granddaughter.

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~Jobthingy~ said...

oh grandpas rock. i only knew one of mine and i miss him so much. he was a great guy also.

Happy birthday Gramps :)