November 01, 2008

Mother of the Year

So yesterday was Halloween and the boy's school was putting on a parade so the primary students could show off their costumes to the other kids and the proud camera-toting parents. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I packed up my camera and third born child (who should have been napping) and headed to the school to see my little Batman and Star Wars dude.

I anxiously awaited making sure my camera was ready to capture those few moments of my big boys walking outside with their friends. I lost points because I didnt put the effort into dressing up as some other parents did. Sumo wrestlers. Mummies. Witches. Dirty construction workers....oh wait....maybe they all werent costumes. I just went as a jean and sweatshirt wearing, stroller pushing photographer.

Then the moment came.

Rowdy's class was first.

Click click click went my camera.

I waved. Blew kisses. Told him how great he looked and then waited for Messy's class.

Here they come.

Click click click went my camera. I waited anxiously for him to get closer so I could wave and blow kisses and tell him how fabulous he looked.

Then he got closer and I realized something.

That's right my friends. I was click click clicking away taking pictures of someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I realized that it wasnt MY kid, I quickly did a look around to find my Star Wars dude standing right in front of me!

Mother of the Year award goes to me!


Tracey said...

:) In a full body costume like that, how would you be expected to know for sure??

The Maven said...

ROFL! Awesome one, mama! You just pulled a Maven. Do you call your children all by the others' names, too? I've started referring to them as 1, 2 and 3. You don't think they'll get a complex, do you? ;)

Momma said...

Tracey....thanks hun. You made me feel just a tad better. :-)

Maven....yes I do call them by the other's name ALL THE TIME. They have learned to respond to my eye contact because I never spit out the right name. The number thing is a good idea or maybe I could say Boy 1, Boy 2, and Girl.........

~Jobthingy~ said...

ROFL!good on ya momma