November 17, 2008

Person of the Week

My oldest. My first born.

Introducing Messy aka Boy #1

Some interesting facts about my boy.

He was born 5 days late.

He screamed for 3+ hours straight after entering this world. Then stopped for a few minutes. Then screamed the entire first night until a nurse finally took him for a bit so mommy could get some sleep.

He screamed EVERY night for the first 3 months. We dreaded 830pm until 1130pm.

He loved his "nummy" (pacifier). So much so that he refused to give it up until he was over 3 years old.

He also had a blankie. His favourite thing until 3+ years old.

He refused to sleep in his big boy bed for almost a year, preferring to sleep on his bedroom floor at the door instead.

He went through a phase of being addicted to vacuums. He had toy vacuums but they were never as exciting as playing with the real thing. We would get ours out and he would be occupied for hours. Then when he would go to my parents, they would take their central vac with the fancy hose out and he would vacuum their carpets for them. We even used to look through the advertisements and rip out the pages of the vacuums that were on sale. He would sit on the couch and "read" all about them. I even saved some.........

Messy is...well....messy. Taking his toys out, spreading them out everywhere and then walking away is a favourite pastime of his. I have cursed many times after stepping on Lego!

Favourite foods-pizza (cheese only please), grilled cheese with apple on it, poutine,apple juice,peanut butter cups,popcorn,sausages. As you can see, he is into healthy food.............

Favourite things to say-"Shut up", "Shut it", "Stupid moron", "I hate you" Such a polite boy he is.

Favourite things to do-video games, computer games, wrestle, Lego, crafts. My brain is empty when it comes to thinking up new craft ideas for this kid. I am sure he dreams about stuff to make in his sleep.

Aside from the healthy polite boy that he is, I wouldn't want him to change at all. He tells me he loves me, hugs and kisses me even though it is starting to get "uncool". He still likes to spend time with his mom and dad and gets upset when we are too busy to sit down and do crafts or play Lego. He lays in bed with mom and watches Survivor.....and is actually interested in it.

Those long nights of pacing with my colicky baby were worth every second.

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