December 16, 2008

Person of the Week

Princess. Girl child. Third born. Baby.

Age: 8 months on December 20

Weight: 20+ pounds.

Favourite Things: Jolly Jumper, baba (bottle), mobile, boxes, paper, anything her older brothers are playing with

Personality: Easygoing. Good thing because she does have two older brothers who require alot of mommy's attention

Recent Milestones: Sitting up. Crawling (yikes). 6 teeth. Almost pulling herself up.

Accomplishments: Recently discovered that there is a world outside of the living room on her play mat with her toys. In other words........ All hell has broken loose.

Princess enjoys paper.

8 month old + crawling + paper=TROUBLE

Oh yeah...and she has discovered my beloved plants.

8 month old + crawling + paper + plants= a busy mommy child- proofing her house this week.

8 month old + crawling + paper + plants + busy mommy = Christmas wrapping not getting finished anytime soon.

Good thing she is darn cute.

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