December 08, 2008


I like chocolate....let me change that.


If I had one last meal to eat, it would be my mom's chicken parmesan with mashed potatoes and carrots, a big glass of cold milk and for dessert it would be a chocolate bar...a big honkin chocolate bar with another big glass of cold milk. Yum.
A few weeks ago hubby and I went grocery shopping. I remember this because he NEVER does groceries with me and this day for some reason he wanted to go. I think because I never buy his kind of dill pickles or his kind of treats, but anyways...on to my story.
As we left with our mountain full of groceries including expensive dill pickles, pickled eggs and pickled herring ( I know why I go by myself), I asked hubby if there was still such a thing as a mint Aero chocolate bar and commented on how much I love them. Neither of us really knew.

Until today.

I went to the grocery store with middle child and baby and as I was unloading the cart, I saw this. (insert dramatic instrumental music here)

Can you believe it?

It is some sort of sign, I am sure of it. Someone wanted me to have one. Someone wanted me to know that they still exist. It was crying out to me. "Take me home"

As middle child held it up, asked for it and I replied with a "no", I put it back on the shelf.

Until he walked ahead of me.

Momma picked it up. Placed it in the middle of her celery and oranges and then paid for it.

Without middle child seeing.

It is sitting on my counter now waiting for me to enjoy every last crumb. With a big glass of cold milk of course.


~Jobthingy~ said...

Oooo i am not a chocolate fan actually but i do love mint chocolate from time to time and that is a good one.. almost as good as ovation sticks.

Missy said...

LOL, I would have bought more than one. And I don't share either!

It seems as though whenever my husband goes grocery shopping with me, we always end up spending an extra 50-100 dollars, thanks to the weird food and snacks he picks up for himself. So, I don't usually let him go with me. I understand completely! :)