December 09, 2008

"L"ist of my favourite things

One Crafty Mama was playing a little game and being the copycat that I am I wanted in on it. Basically you are given a letter of the alphabet and then have to make a list of your favourite things that begin with that letter.

My letter is L.

I am having a hard time coming up with things so bear with me if my list is lame.

1. I will start with the breed of dog that I love. Labrador Retrievers. If it was only my decision on the type of dog we have forever, this would be my breed of choice. Studley is a black Lab and although he isnt the smartest, he is the perfect family dog and has never caused any concern being around three young children who pull, push and climb all over him.

2. Licorice. I love licorice. Aside from chocolate it is my favourite junk food. Actually I prefer Nibs but give me any kind of red licorice and I am a happy Momma. Not black though. Eww.

3. Laughter. Is there anything better than a good belly laugh? A laugh so powerful that you have tears in your eyes, a sore mouth from smiling so much and having to hold your pee in. Ok, feeling like you are going to pee yourself isnt the greatest feeling but it doesnt matter because what made you laugh in the first place far outweighs the feeling that youre going to dribble in your pants.

4. Love. I love being loved. I love loving others. Enough said.

5. Lily. My favourite flower. One of my bestest friend's father has a lily garden. Hundreds of lilies growing in his backyard. He has even developed his own. My dream is to have something like that.....eventually.

6. Ladybugs. I dont enjoy bugs but if I see a lil' red ladybug scooting around I don't mind at all. I like them. Something about them makes me feel good and makes me forget for just a few minutes that mosquitoes and bees exist outdoors too.

7. Lake. All lakes are nice but my favourite place in the whole entire world is my grandparents lakefront property. There is nothing better than sitting at the lake with the people I love (including my black Lab), enjoying the ladybugs and eating some licorice!

8. Las Vegas. Hubby and I went there almost 2 years ago and I fell in love with the city. If I could live there I would. Not sure what I like so much about it because I am not a city girl at all but I enjoyed the craziness and the "out of this world" buildings and tourist attractions. And they had a multi floor M&M's store. Heaven.

9. Lost...the TV show. I have no idea what is going on in the show but I am hooked. I am secretly hoping that one episode will have ALL of the answers to my questions. Wishful thinking I am sure.

10. Lego. My children enjoy it. Who knew that I would like it just as much? Maybe one day when they are no longer interested I can swipe their collection and keep it in my room to play with. I would have to add some pink pieces to the collection though.

So there you have it my friends. My brain is empty.


Anonymous said...

I love your "L" list Lovey. I love my yellow Lab too.


~Jobthingy~ said...

i love playing with lego... im 7 sometimes tho LOL