December 10, 2008

Wordful Wednesday- Family History

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a big memory junkie. I have countless albums on the go. Baby albums made for each of my kids. School albums started. Even an album dedicated to my dog.

Preserving memories is my passion. When I am gone, I want my family to know what our life was like. I want my family to have the memories that I hold so dear to my heart. What is a photo without a story to go with it? What is a box of pictures without dates, names and a story? It means nothing to those who werent there or can't remember what exactly happened. To me that is tragic.

I love it when others look at my albums and don't have to ask questions for every page of pictures because I have it all written down. The people in the pictures. The reason why I took those pictures............

I received these pictures from my great aunt.

They are pictures of pages in a hand written recipe book. Written by my great grandmother. I never knew her but having these pictures means the world to me. I see similarities in our handwriting. I am fascinated by her attention to details. I love that she has everything so neatly written.

In some weird way I feel like I know a little bit about her. Sure I have seen pictures, but there hasnt been any story to go with those pictures so I dont really know much.

I love, love, love these and have them framed in my kitchen. Maybe one day I will try the recipe for War Cake.

Yay for preserving memories!!!

Are you a memory junkie? What sort of things do you treasure?

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Letti said...

NOw those are priceless.

Kelly said...

That is FREAKING AWESOME!! I can only be so lucky to find a treasure a great as this!

Brenda said...

I have a very old picture of my great grandfather who was a Sheriff in the wild west, in uniform.

I love that!

angie said...

I'm a history junkie, too, and especially treasure documents/artifacts from my great grandparents or older. I have an embroidered apron that my double great grandmother made that I treasure. Handwritten journals make my heart sing! :)