January 13, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

Another way for Momma to post but not come up with the idea herself. One day it will happen folks, but for now enjoy my tribute and go here for others.

I am trying to find a nice way to dedicate this post without appearing self -centered because truthfully, would I do a Tuesday Tribute post if it had nothing to do with me?


Word on the street is that bloggers are self- loving because all they do is write about themselves....their stuff....their kids......their hubby..........but I love others just as much (if not more) than I love myself. Oprah always says that the journey to great happiness is only achieved if you love yourself first.

My blog is the beginning of my journey.

Ok, Oprah didnt say it in those exact words, but you get the point.

There I go again.....I just wrote 3 paragraphs about myself. Shame on my self- centered self.

On to my tribute.

I dedicate this post to these........

My window coverings.

They have completed my life. I could die today and feel 100% fullfilled. I lived in my new beautiful home with my beautiful kids and hubby for 9 months.

Without window coverings.

Our house was open for the world to see.

These beautiful blinds cover our bedroom windows. I am sleeping 1000 times better now that I dont feel on display. Sure we live in the country and dont have neighbours closeby, but I still like privacy. I like to feel like I am in my nest...my cocoon.... and when my bedroom is wide open, I feel uneasy.

(I can only imagine what the wildlife and passing motorists on the nearby road have witnessed during these last 9 months. Ugh.)

And then there is the light. We have a barn. The barn has a light. A VERY bright light. It is on from dusk to dawn. It shines directly into our room and lights up my pillow like a spotlight.

Now you know why I sleep with my pillow over my head.

I love you blinds.

How did I ever survive without you?

You have made my life complete.

I dedicate this post to you.

You deserve it.



Deb said...

my front door is glass and i hate not being able to sneak a peak in a peep hole and then NOT answering the door. if i come anywhere near the door, i am totally busted.

KatieZ said...

This is so true! I have a sliding glass door that faces the front of my house. Everyone and their dog can see into my home with no problem. I really want some great vertical blinds for that door. Guess I will have to hint to hubby, my b-day is coming up!

Michelle said...

When we first moved into our house, an old sheet did the trick. That way, our neighborhood squirrels didn't go blind from the sights of our bedroom. You're welcome, squirrels.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

and they are nice blinds at that.

but its going to make it harder for me to peep in your windows now

The Maven said...

Those are some nice blinds! You must be rich! Can you buy me a dishwasher?

... No? Really?

I thought I might be able to guilt you into that with the 'rich' thing. Damn. A for effort though, right?

Jay @halftime lessons said...

LOL...I am showing your posts to my wife in the morning...she will be ecstatic to see that she is not the only one who appreciates her blinds...you four should get a room! ;-)

Great Tuesday's Tribute! Hope we see you back next week!