February 12, 2009

He loves me! He really loves me!

To see my completed assignment, scroll down cause it is good and it was fun to do...and it took me awhile too.

So my darling son, eldest of the three lil' munchkins has been giving me a tough time lately. The 7 year old attitude has hit our home like a powerful tornado and many times I feel like fleeing to another safe home.

But I don't. Because I am a good mom and tell myself that I can deal with it.

Anyways, oldest boy tells me he hates me. Alot. I have tried to talk calmly to him about saying mean hurtful things. About hurting my feelings. I have also ignored it. My new one is letting him know that one day he will realize just how much he loves me and how much I do for him. I figure a little guilt won't hurt Mr. Attitude.

The other night as I was laying in bed thinking about the days events and what I did to deserve the mean things said to me that day, oldest boy came in and gave me this.

He loves me! He really loves me! Deep down inside that skinny little body, Mr. Attitude feels good things for his dear mom. Deep down he appreciates all the meals she has prepared for him, all of the hugs and kisses she gives him even when he drives her nuts. Deep down he recognizes that his mom loves him no matter what he says or does to upset her. Because he is her world.

And she is his. Until the next "I hate you".

When that happens, I now have something to remind me that it is all an act. He may say it, but he doesn't mean it.......all of the time.

I love you Mr. Attitude.

Stay tuned for my birthday post to Mr. Attitude tomorrow.


Julia said...

I'm hoping "the boy" comes home from preschool with something cute for me on Friday...I'm bad like that. Is that being greedy?

Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad he made you a sweet valentine. If my kid said he hated me, he'd be in time out. For like a week. Then he might really hate me. But I think I'd feel better. :)

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

aww that is so cute. ♥♥♥♥