February 12, 2009

A few of my favourite things

Assignment time everyone. I don't know why I enjoy this so much when I hated school and anything to do with homework.

I guess this is different.

Anyways, Mrs. Mamakat has given out her topics for the week and I chose.......

List your five most recent favorite things.

Surprisingly, it is difficult to choose just five things because I have so many things I love. It is also difficult to choose things that are not food-related because I love food so much but I will try to give y'all a variety.

Here goes.

1. Etsy.com. I was recently introduced to this wonderful place and I am hooked. The amazing things you can find there and not anywhere else, and the crafty people out there astound me. I thought I was pretty darn crafty making a digital scrapbook but I was soooo wrong.

2. Coke Zero. A soda with 0 calories. It has changed my life.

3. Aprons. I cannot get enough of them. If you want to buy me a gift because I am such a wonderful gal, you can do no wrong with getting me a girly apron. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these two beauties.

Try not to be too jealous. Have I mentioned the apron contests that I don't want anyone to enter because I want to win them? They are here and here...but don't go there because I AM GOING TO WIN! Just kidding folks....you have my permission to enter but be prepared to be disappointed when I am announced the winner!

4. My new camera. My dearest, sweetest hubby outdid himself this Christmas when he bought me this baby.

I know. I know. It is awesome and my hubby is awesome but you cannot have either so take a deep breath and relax. I have learned how to turn it on and off so that is a great start right? There is a course I am supposed to take to learn how to work the little bugger but I am willing to take any live-ins who want to provide free "Camera-using" and "Picture-taking" classes. Our basement is big...and we have a couch.........

5. And last but not least, I love bath time. Not mine because I haven't had one in months as we still don't have window coverings in our bathroom (huge window, right over the tub), but my children's bath time. There is no better feeling than having all three kids clean, in cozy jammies and smelling divine. Especially since one is a 9 month old who makes poop soup regularly and hasn't quite learned how to eat and stay clean. Another one does not wear underwear and "forgets" to wipe and the other one has eczema and scratches until he is raw. And another + to bath time is that it is so close to bedtime!

Go see MamaKat for more students who completed her assignment this week. Thankfully she is such a nice teacher and shares every one's work without grading them.

Please be aware that although I have not had a bath in months, I do shower everyday. Just sayin.


Allison said...

Bath time is my fave too - until the splashing gets out of hand - I can't stand water getting on the tile floor -

I lLLLooovvve your Camera!!! you are very lucky. Wish I lived closer, I would have a lot of fun trying to help you figure it out!

Heatherlyn said...

The camera looks great! I hope you learn how to use it soon and take lots of great pictures to post on your blog and dazzle us with!

Michelle said...

I too love Etsy!

Congrats on the camera. I actually just did a post about breaking out the manual for my camera. It is amazing what you can learn if you actually read it. :)

When Superpowers Fail said...

I love the camera you have jealous am I !

Jennifer said...

That camera is completely awesome! I am so jealous!

Cheryl Lage said...

Ohhh....beloved Coke Zero. Elixir of the gods...and overtired Mamas!

Jen said...

I am so with you, bath time is awesome! Even if the kids are crabby all day, they are suddenly happy in the tub.

Chrissy said...


Julia said...

Hey love the aprons you ordered. Can I solicit you to share them in picture form when you cook in them? Get some extra credit for an upcoming drawing of your choice at The Apron Goddesses... Just a suggestion. :)

I have a love affair with my camera too.

NateAndJakesMom said...

I was finishing up my "tour" of WW's and I thought, ok, one more. I loved the title of your blog - I enjoyed the post as well!
I heart bathtime too. It is also the mark that it is almost bedtime... :)