February 09, 2009

It's Monday again....

How did that happen???? It feels like it was just last Monday. After you are finished reading what I absolutely did not do this week, go on over to MckMama's for some more fabulous posts.

Anyways, on to another addition to the Not Me! Monday files!

* I was not up 3 times during the night with a 9 1/2 month old screaming. She is not teething and does not have "greeners" pouring out of her nose.

* I am not tired this morning. Not at all.

* Maple syrup, ketchup, Ranch dressing and Cheez Whiz are not "MUST HAVES" in my home. My children don't get upset if there isn't any more around. They deal with it like big people and realize that mommy doesn't grocery shop every other day.

* I did not purchase two aprons last week and I am not looking on Etsy.com every day for more. I have enough. I don't need any more aprons. Geesh, I am not that addicted.

* I am not going to shamelessly plug Mamakat's apron giveaway contest on my "Not Me Monday" post because I want want to win one. I have enough aprons. The pretty frilly, girly apron she is giving away is not my taste at all.

Ok, it is. I love it. I want one really bad. Please...........

* My oldest child did not tell me he hated me because I cut his fingernails too short. He did not say this..... "Mom, now do you see why I hate you so much? You cut my nails too short so now I cant pick my nose."
I realize that children tell their parents that they hate them once in awhile. But I thought it didn't happen until they were teenagers......

*I do not videotape my boys fighting because I find it funny and not so funny at the same time. One day they will love each other and laugh about moments like these that they found to be fun and entertaining. Maybe they will buy me something really expensive because I put up with it so much.

* I did not try umpteen times to post said video on this post and have no success. I am a computer genius....really. Ok...not really. Not even close.

* Middle child did not cut his hair with his father's razor this morning. And he did not deny it when I asked him why a tuft of his hair was in the razor blades.

* The same child that did not do the above, also did not load his newly styled hair with my hair products and did not put his father's cologne on. So much so that I gagged when he came to cuddle.

* Baby girl has not been fussy all morning long due to teething. It doesn't upset me at all and suggestions would not be welcome.
Yes they would....any tips for me?


dmelen said...

I have 3 boys. The youngest is 10 months. We are in the same boat with the teething. Nothing helps much but a wet wash cloth to chew on. It helps with the boogies coming out the nose too. I love your "not Me's" I could have written them myself. Have a good week.

namaste said...

Oh my, I am laughing so loud at my desk... you have to stop... no really, keep posting... I'm dying here. My son tells me he hates me for various reasons but never one that good. I'd be hated for sure for that. And then, the hair products and cologne.... my son totally does that. He also claims he now has a moustache and if you get in just the right light, he's sure you can see it. I could respond to each of your 'not me's" but I won't take up your whole comment page... I'll just laugh and laugh. Thank you! Oh, except the teething... so sorry about that one. Get some rest! That SUCKS!

Allison said...

Fabulous as always. My boy does not cut his own hair....he once took a chunk out of his sisters lovely locks - the ones I was growing FOREVER and did not want to have BANGS....now she has bangs!

Alicia said...

Great Not Me's! Those were so funny!

Heatherlyn said...

So funny! I'm sorry about your teething issue. Do they still make baby ibuprofin? At least you haven't lost your sense of humor.

Jane Anne said...

Oh My! LOL at the fingernail one- at least he was honest about the nose picking. I am not laughing because he hates you for making it harder for him to pick his nose. :)
Great list all around!

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Julia said...

Utter chaos! Nice list of condiments. Hey you can always sign up for the apron giveaway at TAG too!

Ashley said...

Great Not Me's! Sorry your son said he hated you but the reason is a little funny.

Happy Monday!