February 02, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yo Yo Yo here we go...again! WARNING! My list this week could be quite long because as much as I try, I am not perfect. Reality smacked me in the face many times this week.

*I am not ignoring my 5 year old at this very moment because he is demanding my help with his new Nintendo DS. I did not buy the DS hoping to get 5 minutes of peace and quiet here and there. Who knew he would actually need help with it. Geesh.

*I did not put my mini van into the ditch. I did not put the mini van into the ditch on my own street. After the tow truck company told me it would be a 2 hour wait I did not plop Princess into her stroller and take a leisurely jog home in -15 degree weather. And I most definitely did not sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her during our leisurely jog home because she was screaming.

*My feelings were not hurt at all when my oldest called me "Jiggle" the other night. Things like that don't affect me. What does he know? He is only 7.

*I have not exercised everyday since being called "Jiggle".

*I do not have a new addiction to aprons. I don't need to have another addiction. And aprons of all things? That is just silly.

*I am also not addicted to Etsy.com because they have the most beautiful aprons. Really.

*I did not laugh when my 7 year old came into the room to tell me he hurt his "nuts". That is rude and good mothers would use that as a teaching opportunity about appropriate and inappropriate language.

*I did not call the toilet bad words the other day when I could not fix it and had to call hubby for help. Toilets don't care what you call them and it wont magically make them start working again. I know that.

*I have not eaten quesadillas for lunch for the past 4 days. Honest.

*I have not shed any tears over middle child turning 5 years old. I am ok with it. Totally, 100% fine with it.

*I do not sneak handfuls of 5 year old's birthday Skittles when he isn't looking. I always ask him first....yeah right.

*I never think of the day when I will be able to pee in peace. I also don't think of the days that I wont have to change diapers and make bottles. I enjoy this time of my life and know that it will be over in no time and I will miss it. Except for the peeing in peace part.

Happy Monday!!!!


Wayne said...

Great not me monday, Those skittles are so yummi, grab as many as you can lol.

I was also wondering if you would like to take part in tribute tuesday a blgo on my page it is a chance to pay tribute to some one who lights up your life. it has a mr linky so the world can see your tribute to a wonderful person.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you deserve a few skittles!

Hope your van is OK!

God bless-

Keyona said...

My daughter tells me my belly is sqishy. Nice huh? :o)

namaste said...

Each one of those was "not" just perfect for "not me monday". You are brillianttttt! I'm so sorry you put your van in the ditch though. That stinks. You are great!

Allison said...

Enjoyable as usual! - you are very good at this....I'm still working on one for myself.

Jen said...

Totally did not enjoy this, not at all. ;)

emily said...

That is too funny! And I definitely did not tear up when I read that you did not cry about the fact that your middle is turning five and that caused me to think about my own sweet boy turning 5 this summer! Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that does not have mishaps in her minivan! Me?! No, never!

Staci said...

Yikes...sorry to hear about your van. Good thing you were close enough that you didn't have to wait the two hours! I love the title of your blog by the way...sounds like my life :) My two older kids (5 and 3) have made comments about my body at times too. Nothing like a comment from your kiddos to make you want to hit the treadmill!

Julie said...

Great list! Too funny!

stiner0305 said...

i also wish i could pee in peace. if your household is anything like mine good luck! but we are mom's and why would we want a few seconds to pee without help??? :)