February 03, 2009


Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.
I had it all planned. I was going to do an un-funny, serious tribute today.
I wanted to take the morning to plan what I was going to say so it would be just right.
And then I went to the gym.
I burned 600 calories on the eliptical and pumping iron while listening to my groovy tunes on my MP3 player. "I will not be called "Jiggle" anymore" was all that went through my mind.
I thought I should do a Tribute post to my dear friend Eliptical but I have already done that and then I thought I should do one for my MP3 player.
Nope. I said I was going to do a serious one today.
Ummm....maybe next week.
This week my tribute is dedicated to the women at my gym.
Because, they provide the majority of entertainment for me while I am sweating on the machines. The MP3 player and Ellen Degeneres show is fun to listen to and watch, but people- watching at my "All Female" gym is more entertaining.
-I thank the lady that wore a red sequined shirt while working out...err.....walking on the treadmill. The black socks and turquoise track pants made the ensemble interesting. Note to self....do not wear black ankle socks.
-I thank the exercise addict who spends an entire hour running on the treadmill in tiny shorts. The tattoos that cover your legs are a project for me. I like to spend my time trying to figure out what they are and the significance they may have that convinced you to permanently mark your body.
-I thank the lady who wears the skimpiest little outfits to an all female gym. I often wonder who you are trying to impress. There are no men in our gym. Unless you like women and are trying to impress the lady in the sequined shirt.....
-I thank the middle aged women who come to exercise in full makeup. I like to see the changes in your faces from the time you start to the time you finish.
-I thank the singers that come to exercise. Just to let you know,when you sing along to the music playing through your headphones, other people can hear you. It is so much fun trying to fugure out what song you are actually trying to sing.....
The post is dedicated to all of you. Thank you for making my time go fast while burning off some of my jiggle. Muchly appreciated.


Deb said...

the singers! you gotta love the singers. cute tribute! anything to make the time go by faster, right?

ParentingPink said...

Too funny! I love the women who go to the gym all "gussied up". Make up, sequins, and all! LOL

Found your blog through Jay's. I'll be back to visit!

Alexandria said...

That is awesome!! Another fantastic post :D

John, Jessica and Emma said...

Oh love it!!! I could actually see those people!!!


Heatherlyn said...

I loved your very funny, very descriptive tribute!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Free entertainment at the gym is great! Anything to keep your mind off the workout!

MoziEsmé said...

You know - they really are inspiring! I need some of what you guys have so I can make myself get to the gym...