March 28, 2009

Bathing suits.

I have a problem.

Aside from my addiction to chocolate...

...and gossip magazines....

....and Blistex.......

.....and shoes.....

.....and aprons.

Ok, I have many problems.

I am also addicted to baby girl clothing.

To be more specific, baby girl bathing suits.

I cannot go into a children's clothing store and pass the girly bathing suits without buying one.

For 6 years I had two boys, a boy husband and a boy dog. Everything in my house was blue and "boyish". There was nothing pink. Nothing flowery. Nothing girly. I am not a girly girl so having boys kinda fit into my life. Until Miss Princess came into our home.

Now I cannot get enough of the frills, bows, flowers and pink stuff.


Princess almost has a bathing suit for every day of the week.

And sun hats.

And cover-ups. (Do 1 year olds even wear cover-ups?)

Is it wrong to dress her in bathing suits instead of shorts and t-shirts? People won't think we are weird while we walk through the mall that way will they?

I have been doing some thinking about this.

Am I buying her bathing suits because I will not wear one unless I absolutely have to? Am I buying them because I want her to feel confident as she gets older and I feel it is better to start young? Am I buying them because I secretly do like girly stuff? Am I buying them because unconsciously I know that the summer is going to be a scorcher and we will be swimming every single day? Or do I think they are just the cutest lil' things in the whole entire world????

My conclusion.

All of the above.

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Lauren said...

I understand! I have two girls and for the past four years I have been all about the bows, frills, etc. I am a girly girl, so I never thought I wanted anything but girls. Until now. Now every time I see little blue shortalls with puppy dogs or trucks on the front it is all I can do not to buy it! (I don't actually have a boy yet so buying boy clothes would be jumping the gun!)

BTW, my one-year-old had matching beach coverups for her bathing suits! Nothing wrong with that!

pam said...

I love girly things as well. It is so fun (and easier) to shop for girl clothes! I see nothing wrong with wearing bathing suits all summer:)

Heatherlyn said...

Girlie clothing IS so cute. So So cute!