March 21, 2009

I am sick....grumpy...and PMSing......

So look out. Stay clear. Avoid Momma if you know what is good for you. In the meantime I leave you with this. A post I wrote on my old blog last year.
100 (Useless) Things about Moi
1.I am Momma to three kids
2.I said I would never have three kids
3.I thought people that had more than 2 were insane
4.I said I would have a boy and a girl
5.I thought *I* could decide the sex of my children
6.wrong I was
7.I live on a farm
8.I thought I would never live on a farm
9.because I am not your typical "farm girl"
10.I don't like bugs
11.wildlife "smells" boys are obsessed with farm equipment
14.funny how life goes huh?
15.I am tired
16.Momma hasnt slept a full night in 9 months
17.Momma doesnt think she will ever sleep a full night again
18.I have 1 brother
19.I am 5 years older
20.he lives in the big city. I live in the country
21.I am a Taurus
22.I live up to the stubborn reputation of a Taurus hubby is also a Taurus
24.he also lives up to the reputation of a Taurus
25.I am a scrapbooker is an addiction of mine
27.I am not addicted to anything else
28.well maybe Creamy Dill Pickle potato chips......
29.and gossip magazines......
30.and shoes
31.I always said my boys would never play with gun toys/anything that resembled a gun boys like guns
33.they make guns out of anything they can
34.I have learned when to pick my battles
35.I always said my boys would not be rough and hurt eachother I watch as they wrestle in front of me
37.I have a dog named Studley
38.that isnt his real name...just his blog name
39.he is almost 9
40.he is not the smartest animal but I love him
41.I cant imagine our house without him
42.I am making a Studley photo album
43.told you I am addicted
44.I said I would never drive a minivan
45.I drive one is silver
47.I admit I listen to 80's music in my minivan......alot husband listens to bluegrass music
49.*gag* *barf*
50.we dont drive in the same vehicle often
51.I met my hubby when we were in grade 3
52.that was over 25 years ago
53.I am old
54.I said I would never let my kids go to school on a school bus
55.they go on a school bus
56.hearing my baby girl cry at 3am sometimes makes me wanna cry
57.have I mentioned I am tired?
58.I am addicted to the show Intervention
59.I often wonder how someone can get into such a funk
60.I often think about the girl who inhaled aerosol computer keyboard cleaner.
61.I didnt even know that was possible.
62.I am excited to get our new window coverings
63.right now we dont have any
64.we have 2 doors and 2 huge windows in our bedroom
65.not fun at 6am
66.I have alot of texture issues with food
67.I do not drink hot drinks-not even hot chocolate
68.I do not like mushy fruit-pie is just wrong. yuck. favourite place in the world is my grandparents farm
70.even though I am not a farm girl
71.maybe I am
72.maybe I should be listening to bluegrass music way
74.I dont enjoy getting older
75.I really dont enjoy seeing my loved ones get older
76.I dont want my kids to grow up
77.well maybe to 10 so they are in school everyday
78.then I can garden
79.and bake
80.and scrapbook
81.I grind my teeth
82.I grinded them so much that I have to wear a bite plate at night
83.hubby still loves me
84.I am typing with one hand
85.I only use my index and middle finger when I type
86.I dont have many talents
87.dont play any instruments
88.I am double jointed in most of my joints
89.I yell alot
90.I also do the silent treatment when angry
91.I need to work on that
92.I am back on my happy pills
93.they havent kicked in yet
94.I hope they do soon
95.sometimes I wonder where my life went
96.then I look at my kids
97.they are my life day I will put myself first again
99.I really need to work on that
100.another day

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Jen said...

Nice to know you better and I hope that you feel better soon. It was a bad week over here too. I am so ready for a new start.

Jenn said...

Incidentally, I'm also sick. And from Ontario. (Though I currently reside south of the border.) And I swore I'd never have guns in my house. Then I married Hubba Hubba, who hunts.

Now, even though I should be in bed, I'm going to hunt through your site for pictures of your Chloe.

Feel better!

Cupcakes And Coffee said...
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Cupcakes And Coffee said...

1. Love this post
2. Also love this blog
3. It's honest
5 . I like that
6. I will be following
7. Because I like it
8 . Previous comment removed due to spelling.
9. :)

Dawn Markievich said...

I loved this post. Very creative and a great way to let your readers get to know you. I'm new to blogging and I'm trying to find blogs to follow that I can identify with. I stumbled across your blog and I will be back!