March 02, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Miss me?

I did not receive many emails wondering why on earth I haven't posted on my blog in 3 days. Nope not me! Really, I didn't.

I did not have a bowl of Froot Loops for breakfast. And a handful of Ju Jubes. How unhealthy!

I did not attend the beautiful wedding of my cousin on Saturday, hug the bride and congratulate her, then to find out she had no idea who I was. It was not embarrassing at all. I mean I have only met her once.....for about 5 minutes. Deal with it Momma. You're not that popular. At least my cousin knew who I was!

I did not take many pictures of the above wedding making other guests think I was with the actual photographer. Told you I had a nice camera.

I did not see a girlfriend I had throughout public school and high school (and haven't seen in 15 years) at this wedding. Apparently she is a friend of the bride. This isn't a small world at all, is it?

I did not take pictures of my boys skating on a huge puddle that froze in our back field. And if I did take pictures, I made sure they had helmets on before doing so. Ok, maybe not.

Middle child did not fall on the ice and hit his forehead. Bad Momma. How could you not think of the helmets? The Mother of the Year award judges are going to take back your trophy.

I did not get a tear in my eye while watching my boys play together. Without fighting. Without violence. Without curse words. It was not a huge moment in Momma's life because it happens all of the time. My kids get along fabulously. When they are sleeping.

What have you not done lately?

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Jennifer Loppnow said...

lmao at the wedding and the cousin not knowing you, I wish some of my cousins didn't know me lol.

Kelly said...

I love your blog!, it is adorable! Your not me Monday post is very funny! Thanks for the good reading!

Anonymous said...

I get so much joy from seeing my kids together too! Great NMM's!

Heatherlyn said...

How cool would that to have a frozen puddle in your back yard large enough to skate on? That is just so so cool. And, I admit, I would have a hard time making my kids wear helmets in our own back yard. (But believe it is still a good idea.) :) That's pretty funny about the wedding!

Carebear said...

Love the skating without helmets. You gotta pick your battles I know! And they were playing so nice together, you don't wanna ruin the fun by being THAT mommy! Cute photos!

namaste said...

so, your childhood friend is closer to the bride than your cousin? hmmm. I think I probably have some family just like that, so I can totally NOT relate.