March 03, 2009

Random Tuesday

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Woot woot! While checking out some blogs I found this.

I love this.

I have always wanted to verbalize my deep inner (nothing) thoughts but was afraid people might think I am totally nuts and never come back. Now I have a legitimate reason. I am participating in Random Tuesday. So deal with me for a few will you?
Then let me know if I have taken things too far and destroyed our blog friendship.

Or just humour me and let me know that you think about the same stuff.

Thanks muchly.

* Why do people get ear wax? What is the point of it? Can't our ears just be clean tubes to our inner selves? We have enough stuff to keep clean.

* Do hairstylists ever want to have a day where there is no talking involved? Do they enjoy the clients that talk the entire time or the clients that are silent?

* Do estheticians ever go home at night and talk about how horrible some one's feet were?

* I wish the people that created Photoshop made it easier to use. Not all people are computer geniuses and know what they are doing.

* When my children are sick why do I put my hand under their mouth to catch the vomit? Also, when they have food on their face, why do I lick my finger and wipe the food off? That is disgusting. I thought it was gross as a kid. I think it is gross now, yet I do it.

* I find it fascinating how people turn out to like things that they hated as kids (except wiping food with saliva). I always hated the smell of some of the meals my mom made as a kid (fried rice, chicken cacciatore), but now when I make them, I eat the leftovers for days!

* While on the treadmill, sweating and out of breath, I wanted to destroy it. I was actually angry with a machine. I do not enjoy running.

* I also do not enjoy feeling my flab jiggle while running on the treadmill. So I guess I will keep the stupid machine.

* I watch Rock of Love. I admit it. While watching it the other night I secretly wished for big, perky boobs. I also wondered why on earth the ex-porn star would steal all of the other girl's socks. I still haven't figured it out.
* The Bachelor was paid big bucks to change his mind. It was all for TV ratings. He didnt do what he did because he is a jerk. Please tell me I am right.

* I love chocolate. Just had to add that one in there.

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Eudea-Mamia said...

These are great!!

And the ear wax thing - I found this out thanks to my boys' ENT (two sets of tubes here, baby). Think of ear wax as boogers (hope you already ate breakfast) - it's there to filter and catch the germs from getting into your system.

A neccessary evil!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you did it! You're full of randomness!

Robin Costello said...

I still have to resist the urge to lick my finger and wipe my kids faces.

They are in their 20's now. Pisses them off. :/

Heatherlyn said...

Random thoughts are fun!

There are many foods I did not like as a kid that I like as an adult. And even more interesting to me are foods that I liked as a child and now do not like as an adult.

I've heard the relationship between exercize tools is very love-hate. Maybe it's just hate-need.

Keely said...

I keep trying to scare people away and it's not working, so I think you're safe ;)

And yes - I think the estheticians gossip. Imagine what the girl who does the Brazilians has to say.

Glad you could play! Happy Tuesday!

C.B. Jones said...

I grew up with the assumption that all moms were germ resistant. I could have sworn that my mom had a shirt with a capital G crossed out on back. 0_0!

pam said...

I don't understand the hand under the mouth either!!

Angel said...

I think bachelor wise he's not a jerk, just was in a bad position.

Meli said...

I love chocolate too!

Let's start a petition to make it into a food group.