April 16, 2009

Advice from an amateur...err.....experienced blogger

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I am new to blogging and just to let you in on a few secrets, I don't know what the heck I am doing. I just found out a few weeks ago that I could actually pre-write my posts.

Don't laugh.

I do not know how to post video.

You're not laughing right?

And I do not know how the heck everyone gets on Mr. Linky right away.

K...you can laugh now.

So I am new and don't know much about blogging but I do know a few things that I want to share with my bloggy friends. You can take it and let it go or you can thank me with some chocolate.

And an apron.

I like aprons.


Anyways, here is my advice.

  • Do not have music on your blog. When I sneak on to the computer for my "fix" at 3am, the last thing I need to hear is blaring music. And, then my hubby will catch me and for the trillionth time tell me I am addicted.

  • If you must have music, could you at least play songs that I like?

  • Do not bribe people into becoming followers by offering giveaways. You cant buy love, remember?

  • What? I do that? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I wouldn't do such a thing.

  • Try your hardest to view the blogs (and comment) of people who visited your blog. Common courtesy folks. And you may just find a new bloggy friend and great place to visit.

  • Keep your posts a reasonable length. Many bloggers are busy moms and do not have alot of time on the computer. And if they do neglect their children here and there, they have to be quick. So reading a novel on every blog they visit just wont happen. Speaking from experience (reading blogs, not neglecting my kids), if I come to a blog with a lengthy post, I skip it. Sorry.

  • Do not make your blog too "busy". I get overwhelmed and miss alot when there is so much to see. I probably miss some good stuff because I am busy looking at the ad for rice.

  • When you comment on my blog, tell me how wonderful I am.

  • I enjoy hearing it.

  • And if you do that AND become a follower, I will be your best bloggy friend ever!

    *If you are guilty of any of these "no-no's", I forgive you. I will always love you. Just the way you are. Faults and everything.

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Allison said...

yikes I think I am guilty of a few of your peeves! - you like me anyway right???...??...

As always I enjoy your blog - keep up the good work! (how did I do telling you how wonderful you are?)

sky girl said...

All good advice. I used to be a much better commenter. Now that I have kids I usually read through Reader and rarely comment.

But I thought I should take a minute to tell you how wonderful you are. :)

The Emery's said...

It's like you were reading my mind!

Every time I go out in public I look at every woman and think 'I wonder if she has a blog'.

There is one cashier at our local Wal-mart that looks a lot like one of my bloggy friends in California. I won't go to any other line. She doesn't know. I know it's weird.

Jenners said...

Excellent advice. We did have very similar thoughts on this ... though I do tend to be a bit long-winded ... I'm working on that.

And when I first started blogging, I was really into trying to drive up my traffic artificially and realize that I don't really want a lot of followers if they don't really want to read what I'm doing. I'd rather "earn" my followers by putting out good content. And if everyone leaves because I'm giving them crap, well, then it may be time to stop blogging.

And I'm with you on trying to visit those who comment on your blog. It is just common courtesy. If you don't post five times a day every day, you can probably do it! : )

Good job!

pam said...

You are wonderful!!

Kelly Deneen said...

Will you still visit me if I forget to follow you?? I am much better at visiting my blogroll and commenters. ;)

Sneaky Momma said...

I totally agree about the music. I keep my speakers on mute for that very reason.
Of course, I'll follow you! :)

Heatherlyn said...

I know that some of my posts are too long. And I won't get as many comments when I make posts too long. But most of my posts most of the time conform to your good bloggy suggestions. Except ... I FINALLY figured out how to incorporate a slideshow INTO an actual post (yeah, it's taken me like 6 months to figure out how to do that) and then the slide show has music. it just comes with it. i don't even like it. i don't know how to remove it. Darn it!

And you have a wonderful blog. It's always very simple and delightful to read!

Anonymous said...

Everything you have said is just so wonderful because you are wonderful.

"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Great advice. And I'm right there with you on the Mr. Linky thing. I totally agree with the return the comment favor bit. And {cue music from Sister Act} "I will follow you. Follow you wherever you may go..." Have a great day! BTW stopping in from MamaKat's WW and no, when you return the favor you will not be asailed with any blaring music.

Mariah said...

Are you kidding me?!?!?! I think I just found my new best bloggy friend:) Yay. But what do you mean by long winded and too busy??? I am with you, music drives me nuts...so does the word verfication. From Emery...I always look at people and wonder if they are a blogger:) I thought it was just me.


Hillori said...

Well said! You are full of "awesomenicity"!

Becca said...

What great advice! :-) I agree that music on the blog is the worst . . . haha it always gets you caught!!

I love your blog!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Most excellent advice!

wenderful said...

Words of Wisdom. I'm guilty of some of these. I agree. NO MUSIC!
Great advice. :)

BlogBaby said...

Oh crud, are there "RULES" to this blogging thing....I was in blissful oblivion until reading this post now I am fully aware of my bloggy shortcomings.

Thanks for taking off my rose colored glasses......oh great AND I just looked in a mirror....how has everyone let me walk around LIKE THIS??

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Jen said...

Great advice! I totally agree with the Follower one. Follow and read b/c you like it not b/c you are trying to win something.
You are just so awesome I can't stand it.

heather said...

I wrote practically the same thing today. :) I did leave out the bribing and begging for followers. I agree. Its just tacky but whatever. That's just me, and really who am I to judge??

heather said...

OH. BTW you are wonderful and you have like three times as many comments as I do and I've been blogging forever. :p

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Good advice. Especially about visiting blogs that visit yours. I always try to do that and have met awesome people that way. You're wonderful.

Michelle said...

I'm so with ya on the music. I always have mine muted, but if I have my phone still plugged in from work, it goes off there. Always a joy. But I'm a crabby old lady ;)

Oh, and you're wonderful!

Angela said...

I'm totally with you on the music!! Really hard to "sneak" a peek when rustling for the volume button to quiet the loud music!! Trust me ~ I've been there too!

queenoftheclick said...

I have music on my blog because I heard it on other blogs and soothed me after a long day (I'm a teacher).

Drama Mama said...

Great Advice! I had music at one time and as soon as I took it off...I started to get followers!

P.S. You are wonderful ;)