April 17, 2009

Random Thoughts and a Giveaway Winner

Studley ran away. He has been gone for over 2 hours. In the back of my mind, I am hoping someone takes him in and keeps him for their own so he can eat all of their Easter candy and loaves of bread. I know. I am mean.

I am tired of cleaning up the playroom. So I threw everything out that I picked up.

Why do I enjoy sweets so much?

I am a freckle face
. Isn't there a time as you get older that the freckles fade and your skin becomes clear? Sure, there may be wrinkles, but I am tired of connecting the dots with the freckles on my face.

I don't think I have ever told you that I have a bunny. His name is Clyde. He never runs away.

Oldest child wore a sign on his shirt to school this morning that said "Stae away from me". He wrote it and taped it on his shirt because there is a boy in his class that always wants to play with him. I didn't stop him.

Middle child is wearing the same shirt for the second day in a row. I didn't stop him.

Why does youngest child like trying to poke my eyeballs out?

This is a picture of Studley. If you see him anywhere, keep him. But hide your chocolate.

Annnnnnnnnnd, last but most important I have a winner. Remember my giveaway? Well...I wrote out every single entry and had middle child pick a name. There has to be an easier way people. Please fill me in.

Drumroll please.

Louder please.

The winner is Elaine from..........

The Miss Elaine-ous Life Button

Congrats! I will contact her to get it mailed out.

Stay tuned for more giveaways.

I enjoy them.

And I am wonderful.

Or so you tell me.

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Elaine A. said...

Poor Studley, all alone with no chocolate. It's just not fair.

Thanks for the book, I'm so excited to receive it. And next time try random.org for a winner! : ) But obviously using your child worked out well for me so, you can keep doing that too! HA!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

No, no, no - - you do NOT throw everything out! You put it in a box or garbage bags - stick it in the back of the van and then drop it at the first church, needy day care center, etc.

Otherwise - - great post! I'm lovin' your blog!

Anonymous said...

The stay away from me sign is hilarious!

Jen said...

So sad that I did not win. I never win. I am going to go pout in the corner now.

Sneaky Momma said...

I love the sign your son wore to school. Very clever!
I hope your dog made it back home.

Jenny said...

aww I hope your pooch makes it back home, so he does not starve from no choclate;), seriously I hope someone finds him. That sign on you sons shirt is hilarious. My son has a kid in his class that he needs to wear that shirt for:)

John Deere Mom said...

From Twitter, I know your doggie is back home safe and sound! Yay, Studley!!

Heatherlyn said...

I also throw away my kids' toys when I clean their rooms! They don't have nearly as many toys as they used to! :)

I think that's funny about the sign your kid put on his shirt!