April 18, 2009


How appropriate that this week's theme is Rustic. Everything that attracts me to taking pictures is rustic. Old buildings. Worn out furniture. Country stuff.

Then I look up the definition and one of the meanings said

"an unsophisticated country person"


Is that me?

Is that why I like rustic stuff so much?

Or am I just an old soul who appreciates history?

Yeah, I think that is it.

I am fascinated with history. I am fascinated with old stuff. Old(er) people. The lives they have lived. The legacy they leave behind.

When I visit my grandparents I spend alot of time with my camera snapping pictures of their home. Their property. I want to remember it all. I want my kids to know about it. I don't want it all to be forgotten.


I have many "rustic pictures" that I have taken over the years but I will show you my most recent.

My grandfather was born and raised in this home. He still lives on the same property but in a different home. This home is empty but if we go in it, we can still see the flooring, the bedrooms that the 7 children slept in. Amazing. Eventually, hopefully, many years from now, I would like one of these windows to put over my sofa. How is that for rustic?

This is one of the old barns on my grandparents property. I have probably taken 100 pictures of this same spot but it never gets old to me.

Look how the grass has taken over the wheels. But the history is still there and I am sure there are many stories. I shall find out.

Stone stairs beside that old barn. Love them. I hope to have family pictures taken there one day. One day.

I am not sure what this little shack is. Another thing I shall find out. It is hidden in the bushes beside the lake.



Go here to view more Rustic pictures.

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Heatherlyn said...

The definition does not fit you. It's an interesting definition.

I think the history is fascinating too. I'm glad you are saving it and hopefully your posterity will value it.

I love the old outdoor stairs!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

My grandparents had an old farm with share croppers living on it. Just before it was sold, my brothers and I went out there and took some of the "rustic" items.

I picked up a lot of old wood from a tobacco barn and was able to make 32 beautiful frames out of it! I also got some large granite rocks that I have moved with me 3 times! They are beautiful!

It's not the stuff so much as the connection.


Jen said...

those are some beautiful pictures.

Sarah said...

I love rustic stuff also! I could spend hours taking photos of old stuff. Older people fascinate me also. They experienced such a different time didn't they! I wish I could go back to that time just to peek in to see what it was like. :) Though, talking to the grandparent's about what their life was like is just as good. ♥

John Deere Mom said...

Those are awesome pictures!

Alice said...

i'm guessing outhouse on the little shack also. looks familiar from my past :O). seen a few of those. i think a family portrait on the stone steps is a great idea also. i hope you post some shots so we can enjoy them. what a great post - you got some amazing captures. thanks for sharing them.