April 30, 2009


Today I will.....

yell less {at my kids. And dishwasher}

play more {with my kids}

eat less {chocolate}


smile {at the little things}

laugh {at the little things}

appreciate {my life}

remember {the moments}

embrace {my faults}

change {nothing}

love {my life}

The End

Go see MamaKat for more completed assignments.

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Amy said...

Very nice. Something everyone should do, words to live by (well except yell at the DW they don't respond well).

Jenners said...

I think I need to print this out and put it on my refrigerator!

Soxy Deb said...

Over from Mama Kat's

Very succint post. But why are you yelling at your dishwasher? and better yet, is it responding?

BlogBaby said...

I'll add this to my own "To Do" list today. Thanks for making it just a little bit longer but perhaps more rewarding. ;)


Heatherlyn said...

I think yelling at dishwashers can be good therapy. :)

Great list!

Summer said...

This was beautiful! Loved it!

Denise said...

Over from Mama Kat's. Great post! Posting this on the fridge was a great idea... that seems to be the place I visit most during the day lol.

Jen said...

that my friend was beautiful!

Trudy Tilseth said...

Visiting from Mama Kat's. Beautiful and inspirational post...we could all do more (and less) of this!