May 29, 2009

La touree de la maison de Momma

Ok. I suck. The title should say "A tour of Mommas house" but it probably says "Momma wears a toupee".

At least I tried.

Anyways, if you are here for a tour, you are in luck. If you are here for a toupee, sorry, you have come to the wrong place.

This week's tour is Children's bedrooms.

I have children. And they have bedrooms.

It's your lucky day!

I have chosen to show Princess' room because it is the only bedroom that looks presentable. The boys room is still a blank canvas and nothing has been done.

Sad I know. Poor boys.

The truth is that I do not know what to do with the boys' room. What do I put on their walls that won't break or get destroyed?

Help me!

Here is my baby girls room. Her room was easy because I am female and have not had anything girly in my house since I was a little girl. So I found pink things with clothing on it because, well, I like pink and I like clothing......and eventually she might like them as well.

Change table that I rarely use because she is too big and prefers to squirm. So I usually do diaper changing on the floor or in her crib. It actually isnt made to be a change is a dresser......Shhhhh. And it is an Ikea item......double Shhhhhhh.

Window with view. We just have the plain old pull down blind. I have curtains but have not put them up yet. Give me about 5 years!

Princess and her crib. This crib has lasted through three children so I would say it was well worth the $$. It is plain and boring but it has done it's job perfectly.

Her mobile that we no longer use because she is 1 but it is so frickin cute, I have to show a picture. Clothing twirling around to music is something I would like in my room!

There are 3 of these on the wall.....different but similar.
Make sense?

Her bumper pad that apparently we aren't supposed to use. But we do. So there.

Crib minus baby
Closet. A close-up view because I wouldn't dare show you the bottom! Yikes!

Rocking chair and view of the closed closet. Thought you could peek at the bottom of the closet didn't you?

So that's it. It is a small room. The smallest of the 4 bedrooms but I don't think she minds just yet.

Give her a few years and I am sure she will hate pink and want a bathroom attached to her bedroom. Far away from her brothers.

In the meantime I will enjoy as much pink as I can.

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Brenda said...

The crib bedding is just darling (as is the little cutie in the crib!). What a lovely view she has out her window!

Jenn said...

Very sweet room. I love all things girly! I bet you can get lots of ideas for your boys room today from the tour!

Grits414 said...

The pic of my closet would look worse! Trust me! I can't even finagle a shot that would hide any of it. It's out of control. Really!
Thanks for sharing...loved the room!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I love the hanging clothes- so cute- I have never seen anything like that before! Especially the mobile.

Roeshel said...

Oh I'm so happy I was shopping for a toupee and found your blog! JUST KIDDING! You're so funny!

Nice to "meet" you!

I love your little angel's room! Princess perfect and soothing pink/green! :)


Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh what a sweet little girls room ... I love the clothes line on the bumper pads ... how cute! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great weekend!

Rebekah and her girls!

Heather said...

This room is so cute!! I love the bedding! Great job!

Jen said...

such a beautiful room

Heatherlyn said...

Pink is a great color. I like it even more as an adult than I ever did as a child.

Her room is lovely and she looks so cute in the picture in her crib!

John Deere Mom said...

Great pics! Claire's room is pink and green too. I love those colors!

Our happy zoo! said...

love the colors you picked out, that's what I did in my girls' room too. SO cute and the crib bedding is adorable. I would have loved to see the bottom of her closet...I tossed the junk to the hallway for my pics =) should have mentioned that, oops. Thanks for the tour!

Grasso10 said...

I love all the pink, and that mobile is adorable--do you think they make those in adult sizes? haha!

Thanks for sharing!


Tara G. said...

The bedding is precious!