May 29, 2009

A game. What doesn't belong in these pictures?

As my children get older, they seem to get more lazy. When I ask them to put something away or throw something IN THE GARBAGE, I find that something in weird, unusual places.

Remember this post?

As my children get older, they also get more sneaky. This scares me more than you can believe.

Lets play a game. Games are fun unless they involve items that are supposed to be elsewhere in my home.....after asking my children to put them where they belong. But I am forgiving. They are only young boys and as they grow will become more responsible, thoughtful and respectful. Right?

So look at these pictures and tell me what does not belong.

And then laugh. Because that is what I do to keep myself from completely losing my mind.

An empty snack container. In the bedroom closet. Apparently licked clean by a big, black dog.

A baby toy. Outside. In the eavestrough thing-a-ma-bob.

Dirty, worn socks scrunched up and left out in the rain. Beside the sandbox.

A picture. It was a picture of a sun wearing glasses and somehow turned into some freakish, snotty nosed face. It now hangs on a bedroom wall for all the world to see.

Are your children lazy? Do they do this? How do you resolve the issue calmly?

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I am Harriet said...

Seems like the older mine get, the lazier they get. Unless of course, there is money at the end of the tunnel.

kristi said...

OH, don't get me started! My oldest who is almost 14, kicks off her shoes as soon as she walks in. I tripped on them yesterday.

My son kicks off his shoes, socks, shirt, all in the front yard and then begins to play on his slip n slide, getting all of the other items SOPPING WET.


AudreyO said...

When I find those oddly placed items I just tell them. Ok, I nag them until that oddly placed item is put someone else. Their choice, they can do it once or they can hear me nag and have to do it a 2nd time :)

Carol said...

I'm glad that my children (and grandchildren) aren't alone in the boat and other children do that stuff too! :)

I simply say - here comes Papa, and they pick up whatever it is. (so Papa doesn't get angry!)

Auntie E said...

yeah, I find the stuff under the bed or in the closet. Never in the trash. do not know how to correct this. Other than, I told them "if I tell you to put it up and you don't, it is going to be thrown out". And I do it. when they Can'tvfind it, I say(Calmly) IDK. Did you put it up? Maybe it got tossed on cleaning day.

Anissa said...

I'm very surprised that my kids are not lazy!

Becca said...

I can't think of oddly placed items here.

sues2u2 said...

Hmm, my daughter as a toddler used to sleep w/ all of her socks lined up on her bed. No idea why but she'd throw a fit if they weren't there & it didn't seem to be something worth fighting over. She's now 7 & I 'm happy to report that the socks are in her drawer & the dirty ones are on the floor. lol

Oh & I have a 12 yr old who yesterday managed to avoid doing the dishes all day long. Yep, we don't ever avoid doing things in this home. Never.

Kekibird said...

For a youngin', my son is very lazy. At 3, he'll pull out all his toys, play play play and then he'll just walk away and not pick up a single toy! Drives me bats!

So we're using the "Hidden Coin" trick. I hide coins under his toys while he closes his eyes. Then he'll come out and pick up his toys to find the coins. The coins go in a special jar and he can spend the coins any way he wants.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

My kids aren't very good about putting things away either - especially my oldest. Her stuff ends up in the strangest places too - she picks things up and puts them down without hardly thinking about it. We've been working on it with them, and I do have to say I think they're getting better lately.

TheAngelForever said...

My little ones are still a little young for this. I guess I have something to look forward to ;)

Brandi said...

Marlee is still to little for this...but it is kinda funny! I hope you keep your sense of humor like it sounds like you do! And I will pray that it gets better for you :)

Heatherlyn said...

Yes. My kids do this. It is incredibly annoying. And somewhat exhausting. What, do they think I'm their maid? Is it really THAT hard to put something in the trash?

I just sigh. And take the time to call them back to make it right. They always act so suprised that whatever it is got where it is.

Or I pick it up myself. It depends on my mood.

mummyof5monsters said...

hahaha great evidence pictures! I have an odd sock box- filled to the brim with socks! 1 ends up in the wash, the others are ????Now i clean their rooms, putting all the stuff i find in various hidey-holes on their bed, so if they wanna sleep, they have to put it away!

Valerie said...

My daughter wasn't lazy she just has never liked house work. She pretty much took good care of her toys when she was little though. But she wouldn't clean her room.

Mama Kat said...

And why pray tell, are you taking a picture from your rooftop??

And don't worry...we have the SAME messes in this house!!

Tara said...

lol I am always getting after my son.. Seems like things never quite make it to there rightful place lol Just like the Toilet lid...grrrr just put it up when you use it..and put it down when your finished!! lol

Night Owl Mama said...

HEY how dd you get those pictures THEY look like stuff my kids do all the time
kids will be kids and sometimes you just have to laugh