May 11, 2009

NMM-Leg warmers, cake, cardinals and geese.

Another Monday is upon us and here goes another round of things I absolutely, positively did not do this past week.

Remember? My life is like a fairytale. No move I make is regretted. Everything is picture perfect.

I did not witness middle child peeing on our driveway, right out in the open for everyone to witness. We have three bathrooms.....why on earth would he feel the need to urinate outdoors?

I did not look the other way and let him continue uninterrupted.

I did not do the ugly cry while watching "Marley and Me" the other evening. I also did not give Studley many hugs and kisses (and a few treats) afterwards. He isn't even 10 yet. I am sure he will bless us with his presence for many more years. (He better)

I am not addicted to these. Toasted coconut white cakes with vanilla frosting on the inside. How disgusting!

My 7 year old did not tell me he loved me at least 5 times this weekend. He isn't that type of kid. Ok, he did tell me and now I feel guilty about this post.

I did not yell at middle child because he was yelling. What kind of mother would do that?

Princess does not wear leg warmers. And if she did I would not think they are the cutest things ever!

Mr. Momma does not sing songs from the movie Flashdance every time he sees her wearing them.

I am not extremely am not downright ticked off at myself for not using my high power zoom lens while on a hike in the maple bush yesterday. Especially because we did not see the most beautiful cardinal ever. And Canadian geese with their goslings. *sniff*

I won't lose sleep over it. Ok, I will darn it.

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Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I love her leg warmers!

Jennifer said...

Cute post :) My 11 year old (when he was younger) felt the need to pee on every tree in our yard as if he were a dog marking his territory...did I turn my head also...No, not me :)

Brandy said...

Ha Ha love the post. You have beautiful children. Thanks for sharing your NMM. I'll be back.

Brandy in Pittsburgh :)

Scuba Girl said...

I have to share: my (now 18 yr old) son got in the habit when he was 5 or so of hosing down the landscape when he felt the need. After several whaling-the-tar-out-of-him's, he stopped. Then, one night at an outdoor concert, he had to "go." My brother in law volunteered to take him - and took him behind a tree. He (BIL) came back TOTALLY frustrated because my son said he wasn't allowed to go outside. Ha! Some things do take. (and they made it to an inside bathroom in time)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Those little legs are just too cute! Great Not Me's!

Jen said...

Hayden pees outside all the time, in the open. I don't get it and I don't stop it either. Must be a boy thing.

Love the leg warmers.

Keyona said...

I've seen tons of boys pee outside! Too funny!

Sara said...

You're right, those Miami cakes look pretty disgusting. Good thing you don't eat them!

Kristi said...

Pee on a tree is a daily thing around here, HA HA. I have not watched Marly and ME yet (I just lost my dog of 13 years) I am afriad I would lose it too much. Great not me's.

See you around McMama's. Kristi

Shelly said...

LOL! Peeing on are too funny! Love your blog!

Heatherlyn said...

I love not-me Mondays! And yes, the leg warmers are adorable!

Anonymous said...


My son used to come home from visiting his cousins farm and pee off the front deck! (well they could pee on the farm!!)

Check out what I didn't do this week!