May 15, 2009

Observations at the Blood Lab

  • showing up early is a stupid idea because everyone else in the friggin community does the same thing
  • "lab ladies" need to take a course in being friendly. Many people do not enjoy having blood taken, so the least they can do is be personable while stabbing your vein.
  • sitting in a small waiting room with about 78 other people is not enjoyable
  • sitting in a small waiting room between 2 very large women is really not enjoyable
  • all men use Blackberrys
  • all of the time
  • I think they may have a problem
  • the first thing I look at are people's feet. I don't know why because I do not enjoy feet but I couldn't help myself.
  • more women need to go for pedicures
  • offices that make you wait an hour to have blood taken need to go through the effort of providing better reading material. Reading a fashion magazine from 2004 is not interesting and kinda out of date.
  • even I know that
  • listening to elevator music while waiting for an hour is enough to make me want to scream
  • I thought about pretending to faint so they would get me in sooner.
  • I also thought about singing and dancing to Barry Manilow right there in the middle of my two large lady friends
  • older couples that hold hands are cute
  • men who fall asleep and snore while waiting annoy me.
  • men who fall asleep and wake up when they start to drool make me want to vomit
  • people who have to provide a urine sample need to be more discreet. I don't want to see their pee in a bottle, thank you very much
  • or their stool sample *gag*
  • I do not enjoy this place. At all.

And how was your day????????

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Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Everyone else would have probably enjoyed being there if you had decided to do the Barry Manilow act. You could have been the entertainment for the rest of the folks!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking you need to find a different blood lab. Ick! You dealt with it far better than I would. And now I'm completely self conscious about my shoes. Toes, my pedi is ok, but shoes... hmmmm.

Hillori said...

LOLOL!!! I've spent way too much time in blood labs, and you just brought it all back! Now add in several young children to that mix, and you've got a circus!!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

You're right - it's bad enough to have to get jabbed; they could at least try to ease the pain a little by keeping the wait times down, have peppy music (I did NOT just say peppy!), give us some good up-to-date picture books, and do not allow children under 18 to mingle with the general population! Oh - and no naked toes!

John Deere Mom said...

My day was definitely better than your trip to the lab. YUCK!

Heatherlyn said...

That sounds awful!!!! My husband has an iPhone. He says that they are way better than blackberries. :)

Trudy said...

LOL, that's kinda funny. I agree with you on so many of those points. I find I just get annoyed anywhere I am waiting with a bunch of people.

Perhaps you need a Blackberry too, LOL!

Kelly Deneen said...

Oh no. *giggle*

I think you need to bring a good book or an iPod next time.

Sorry it was a poor way to spend an hour!