July 17, 2009

Girl crushes

I am a woman.
I like men.

But I am not embarassed to admit that I have girl crushes.

There is nothing wrong with admiring another woman.

The way they look.
The great things they do.
Their beliefs.

It is even ok to want to be them.

In a non-stalker kind of way.

I could only hope that others admire me for the choices I have made. For the life I am living and the "legacy" (for lack of a better word) that I will leave behind.

I want people to want to be me. I want other women to have a crush on me. In a non-stalker kind of way of course. It would be nice for others to think I am doing great things.

I mean, cleaning poopy diapers, wiping pee covered toilet seats and cooking Zoodles 5x weekly are great things.

Once again, I digress.

My question for you is this.

Do you have any girl crushes?

Do others have a crush on you?

Do you want me to tell you who I have a crush on?


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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I really understand the concept of girl crushes or man crushes. To me the word "crush" implies a physical attraction, so in that sense, no. But if you simply mean other women I admire, then I'd have to say, my sister is one. No one else really.

sky girl said...

I've had girl crushes before but they're few and far between. As for women I admire? I've got lots.

Who's your crush?

Kekibird said...

I actually have a girl crush on a few fellow mommy bloggers. When I read their posts, chat over Twitter and email, I feel connected to them through what we share. It's kinda cool that we've never met yet we have so much in common. They've been there for me and I jump at the chance to help them when they need it.

So yes, I have a girl crush or two!

Amber said...

It's me, isn't it? I thought I felt you feeling that way about me. ;-)

sues2u2 said...

There are lots of women that I admire & respect. My number 2 sister & my sil come to mind.

Mama Nut said...

Being the old fashioned type I'm not sure I'm comfortable saying I have a "crush" on any girls but I do admire a lot of women. I admire women who can say what they mean and not feel embarassed or ashamed of it, I admire women who have been through a lot of hard things and have come out stronger for it, I admire women who are real and don't try to put on a fake persona for the world to see.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I can't imagine anyone wanting to be me. (Although I can't imagine really wanting to be anyone else either)

I will say that I have always admired and wanted to be like Reba McEntire. I even dyed my hair like her once.

Angela said...

I have had girl crushes on celebs, but never really anyone I knew in real life. I do admire a few women.

Who's your crush?

My Aloha Friday :)

Irene said...

OK...go ahead and spill. I know it's gotta be me...right?

Jenners said...

Well of course I want to know your crush. And I have a crush on Tina Fey ... or maybe I just want to be her bestest friend!

Mandy said...

I totally agree with you. Everyone wants to be admired and desired in some way. I have a girl crush on Gwen Stefani. She just seems so cool on top of being creative, talented and honest. I loved her recent comments about not liking her son's toddler stage. I'm like...yes, you go woman! Someone who won't sugar coat it like she loves it all the time! Feeling connected with people like they understand you and get you is when my "crush" begins. Men have men crushes too - they just don't admit it.

Becca said...

I have a celebrity girl crush on Scarlett Johanssen but I don't think she returns it lol

Heatherlyn said...

I don't have a problem with girl crushes. But I don't have any. :)