July 06, 2009

Not Me! Monday. Michael Jackson Edition.

You didn't really expect me to post about my life and not include Michael Jackson did you? He was a huge part of my childhood and despite the fact that he had...umm...issues, he was a brilliant performer and music maker. Even now as I listen to his music, I know all of the words and enjoy the songs.


I consider this post an "odd" tribute to MJ which is very fitting considering he was a tad "odd".

Just a tiny bit different.

Teeny tiny.

I was not completely shocked and somewhat sad when I heard the news about MJ's passing.

I did not believe that all of the plastic and foreign materials inside MJ's body would keep him alive forever. He was human, just like the rest of us. Just different.

I do not remember the first time I saw the video for "Thriller"
when I was just a small child. And if I did remember watching it, I most definitely would not remember covering my eyes the entire time.

I absolutely do not remember listening to the Thriller album in my bedroom. I was just a very young girl. Too young to know the words and practice my dance moves in front of the mirror.


And I know for a fact that I did not secretly wish to own the red leather jacket that he always had on because I was a girl and he was a man. A grown man.

I did not dream about having a chimp as a pet.
Nope. No way. Not at all.

That is wrong. And probably illegal where I live.

During the legal issue time of MJ's life, I did not consider him guilty before he was proven innocent. I am a non judgemental person and that would be so wrong of me.

And as his looks changed, I was not somewhat intrigued and puzzled. I did not wonder what was so difficult in his life that he felt he had to change everything about himself. I did not look at him with sadness because he had erased everything that God gave him. He did not accept what was given to him and accept the person he was.

I did not wish for him happiness and health and peace and comfort in his life with his three children.

I did not wish for his tortured life to turn around and become a blessed life. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Now as we watch the news stories, view pictures and hear many fabricated lies I am hoping that he will finally rest in peace and accept himself just the way he is.


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Mama4Real said...

Good post!!!!

LucieP said...

aw love that!
I loved him too girl!

Trudy said...

He will always be remembered! I feel so badly for his children, I think MJ was horribly misunderstood. I don't know (nor does anyone but he and God) if he was guilty or innocent of the charges, but the poor guy never had a childhood, and had an abusive father to boot! I hope the media and public can let him rest in peace soon.

Jen said...

this was the best tribute to MJ ever!

Heatherlyn said...

I was never crazy about him. The Thriller video scared me. :)

Robin said...

I am not passing Judgement, God has done that early in his life. I am sad whether he was misled or wrong in his life, he had the opportunity to change his life and continue to touch the World. Everyday is a gift, never take it for granted.

Melissa said...

Out of all the MJ posts the last week or whatever, this was by far my favorite. Nice!

Fresh Mommy said...

Hahaha, this was too funny!!