July 06, 2009

Observations in the backyard

Have you watched your children? I mean really watched them.

How they deal with difficult situations.
How they socialize with other children.
How they occupy themselves.
How they know how to push different buttons with different people.

It fascinates me.
Really fascinates me.

I studied behaviour in college and dealt with it every single day when I was working and nothing is more interesting than watching my own children.

Sometimes I sit back and just watch. When the boys are outside and I am indoors I watch from the window where they cant see me or are aware they have an audience.

I should charge admission for it.

And serve popcorn.

Both boys were created by the same two people but are so completely different, sometimes I wonder if the hospital did a switch.

Then I remember that they love tractors and Johnny Cash music and did not leave my sight in the hospital so I know they are mine.

Let me fill you in on my observations.

Scenario #1.

A tractor breaks while the boys are playing in the sandbox.

Rowdy picks it up, looks at it for approximately 3 seconds, calls it a "stupid friggin piece of crap" and throws it out of the sandbox.

Messy calls Rowdy an "idiot". He gets the tractor, sits down and fixes it.

Scenario #2

The swimming pool is set up. The water is cold. The weather is cool enough for me to wear pants.

Rowdy immediately puts on his swimsuit, climbs the ladder and does a cannonball before even checking the temperature of the water. As he jumps, he yells loud enough for the neighbours down the road to hear him. Upon catching his breath, he screams and then yells "Ahhhhh.....my wiener is freezing."

Busy climbs the ladder, sticks his toes in the water to discover that it is very...very cold. He climbs down the ladder and says he is not going swimming.

Scenario #3

Boys are playing ball. Rowdy says he is the coach.

Messy agrees and they play ball for a few minutes. Messy then says that it is his turn to be the coach.

Rowdy yells and says "No".

Messy says "Yes. You had your turn. Now it is mine"

Rowdy walks toward Messy, throws the ball at him and then takes him down to the ground.

Messy screams for Mom.

I guess I should have told you that there were some violent scenes and adult language in this show.

And maybe I need to videotape it and send it in to Dr. Phil.

Or maybe my boys are being boys.

And are different.

That's a good thing right?

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Heatherlyn said...

Family dynamics are fascinating. Completely. And they don't always change as kids get older. It would be interesting to also study the affect the parents play in unintentionally reinforcing certain dynamics in the family. Although, some kids just come with certain personality traits that are theirs and no one can take from them or create.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I only have a girl, so I can't tell if you they are just being boys. But my sister-in-law and I have discovered that my daughter and her son get along MUCH better when we are not in the same room with them. If we are there, they fight for our attention. If we leave them alone, they play together!

Anonymous said...

"My weiner is freezing"

Absolutely CLASSIC!!

My son is into using proper names, so he'd yell "My penis is freezing" or occasionally, "My cock is freezing" if he has been with a certain friend... I'm so proud of my boy ::sigh::

Jen said...

I LOVE watching my kids too. They are so darn entertaining and fasinating.

Beth Smith said...

Kids are crazy...I have a boy and have a girl on the way. I wonder how they will interact?

Mama Kat said...

Oh I am so with you on this one! I love watching my kids and seeing what makes them tick. Maile and Laina are the carbon copy sisters of me and my little sister. It's amazing. I have no idea how such different yet equally beautiful creatures came from the same parents.

Jenners said...

I have a Messy ... not a Rowdy. It is interesting how kids from the same parents are so different. I guess that means "nature" not "nurture," right?

And I LOVE eavesdropping on my son and his playmates. The conversations are hilarious. Or when he plays by himself and keeps up a two-sided conversation with his cars or "action figures." Hilarious. Funnier than any sitcom.

FranticMommy said...

Oh my..your boys are SO normal. Great blog!