July 16, 2009

Studley Snapshot

This is Studley.
My 9 1/2 year old dog.
He runs away alot.
And eats food off of the counter.

He also enjoys giving kisses.
And cuddles.

Studley spends most of his days sleeping and trying to get away from the little people in this house who insist on loving him a little too much.

But sometimes he doesn't get away.

What do you think he was thinking?

Hmmmm...I bet I could guess.
Cheaper Than Therapy

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{Kiki} said...

Too cute. I love Labs. We have Goldens. The bib is hilarious. We adopted our male Golden and were told he is a counter surfer. We have yet to witness this hobby. Happy ATWT and take care.

Sally said...

OMG, that's hilarious!!!
I bet he's thinking "you're lucky you're cute!"

MommaD said...

Love that! He looks so bored, almost like he is going to roll his eyes...too cool for this!

Stacie said...

LOve the big!! Too cute. I have a dog exactly like that. Well she is white. If she gets the chance to run she is gone... sassy dog sneaks on the counters when I am not looking.

Shana said...


Colleen said...

too cute...our lab growing up would let us do so many things to him, like bury him in the sand.

Colleen said...

oh by the way...kind of funny, the first post I picked to read today was yours and my post is also about my dog.

Jennifer said...

That is too sweet! His look is priceless!

Mommy Jamie said...

Aw! I LOVE that look on his face!
Happy ATWT!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Studley definitely looks like he's a good sport! I LOVE him!

Happy ATWT!

sheila said...

Awesome dog, awesome name, awesome pic! Great shot for this meme! lol

The Mom Jen said...

OMG, he's probably thinking, "I better not be having mashed peas for dinner!"

Jenners said...

He looks very patient and very put upon!