August 31, 2009

Not me! Monday!- Vacation Edition

Bonjour mon amis. That is "Hello, my friends" in French just in case you are not bilingual like moi. I would not make up a fib to make myself seem more intellectual and "cultured" for the sake of attracting more blog friends. Really. I wouldn't dare.

So, myself and the fam-damily went on a little vacation last week. Mr. Momma, Momma, and the three rascals packed up the van and headed out of town for a few days of fun and relaxation.

Or at least that is how we planned it. The relaxation part never happened.

Our van did not look like we were going across the country for a month when all was packed and stuffed into it. Packing for a few days away does not mean we need three suitcases, 3 large bags, a Pack n' Play, 7 pairs of shoes and bananas. Nope, not us.

On our journey to our final destination the boys did not have to...umm...urinate so badly that we passed them a cup. We are Super Parents and Super Parents would pull off of the highway and search for clean washroom facilities, not force their children to piddle in an empty cup. Geesh.

For our 2 hour van ride, we were not forced to listen to Mr. Momma singing Bluegrass music. Ok, we were and it was the longest 2 hours of my life.

I did not pack my own pillow and only my pillow. I am an adult and do not need to bring my pillow wherever I go.

I did not hear these sentences come out of my children's mouths at some point during our getaway.

"Look at how hairy that man's back is!"
"Hey, Big Momma" (To me. And I answered)
"Look! Santa Claus is here!" (When they saw a man with long white hair and a white beard)
"Take a picture of us because we are yo dudes"
"Look at how small his wiener is" (While looking at a statue)
"I can see his butt crack!" (While looking at that same statue)
"Are there traffic lights for airplanes in the sky?"

We did not have a very difficult time getting a good picture of all three kids together. My kids are easy to get in pictures. They are photogenic at all times and never give us a hard time.

And remember we are Super Parents so we ate healthy at all times and did not overload our children with sugary foods. Nope, not us. We are strict at all times and do not let our kids let loose just because we are on vacation.

And lastly..............

We were not exhausted-mentally and physically upon returning home after a few days away. Nope. Not us. We can handle three small children in foreign territory, 24 hours a day for 3 days without a break. We are Super Parents! Nothing can break us. Nothing can turn our smiles into gritting teeth and our kind words into growls. Especially our own children.

Happy Monday mon amis!

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WackyMummy said...

You survived. That's in the plus column. (Sometimes that's all you have to grasp at.) But the kids looked like they had a good time... so something worked. =)

Trudy said...

Glad you made it through the vaca! Sounds and looks like a fun time!

Foursons said...

Why is it that vacation is more work than actual work?

Heatherlyn said...

The one child smiles pretty well in all of the pictures! I bet you had a good time anyway!

Anonymous said...

Sit down and relax now that the vacay is over...LOL

Jen said...

Sounds just like a vacation with my family.

Kate said...

I thought I was the ONLY one that said 'fam-damily'!!!!! LOVE. IT.