September 01, 2009

Deep thoughts

I know I have whined and complained all summer about how difficult my boys are and how much I was looking forward to school starting again, but now, as we are one week away, I have been doing some thinking.

Ok, I admit it.

I am not looking forward to waking up before 7am.

And waking up my boys.

Listening to whining because it is too early to get up.

I am not looking forward to making school lunches. Every day.

I am really not looking forward to strict bedtime routines.

And bathtime more than twice a week. (They swim all summer. Don't judge.)

I do not enjoy endless fundraisers for magazines, flowers, books, hot lunches and milk.

I am not looking forward to remembering permission slips and enough newsletters to make into a novel.

I really am not looking forward to birthday parties every weekend and remembering to buy gifts for each child that are meaningful and something they already don't own.


I am looking forward to the quiet.

No arguing.

Going to the gym.

Having "me time" at the gym.

The television being off all day.

Quality time with my Princess.

And hearing about how great my boys day was at school.

Meeting all of their new friends.

And realizing that all is well in my world.

But I already know that.

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Trudy said...

It sounds like the things to look forward to far outweigh the things you aren't looking forward to!

I hope it's a great school year for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally trying to get into this more than 2 baths per week as well...and my kids don't even swim all summer long, don't judge!! LOL

Jen said...

Its hard to make the switch but I always like it and I am ready when its time. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year.

Foursons said...

We're on week 2 of school in TX, and although I love summer so much, I do enjoy school for the exact same reasons as you!

Elaine A. said...

Everything has it's pros and cons, no? Enjoy the school year and the time with Princess. It all goes by so fast...

Jenny said...

We started last week and the transition is wearing me out.

Heatherlyn said...

All those things you are NOT looking forward to ... same here!!! I hate making the lunches, worrying about the permission slips, and the thousands of school letters and notes (I get everything 3 times over. The SAME thing.) I would also add to that list, "wondering what my kids are doing all day long for 6 hours that is NOT wasting their time?" But I'm excited for my kids who are excited.