August 05, 2009

Packing sucks

Momma's duties in preparation for a few days away.
purchase activity bags for children to keep them occupied on the long drive
prepare activity bags
do a million loads of laundry
put the million loads of laundry away
search for and successfully find suitcases hidden in the crawlspace
wash suitcases to remove cobwebs
make lists of everything to bring
lose lists and make them again
lose lists again and refuse to write another one
pack a suitcase for the boys
find clothing scattered around boys bedroom because boys were too lazy to open their dresser and get clothes out
repack suitcase
locate all pairs of shoes scattered around property
pack shoes/rubber boots/sandals
realize that there are stains on every single jacket your children own so wash them all
pack jackets
pack suitcase for Princess
pack diaper bag for Princess
pack food for Princess
prepare bottles and all necessary items needed for Princess
pack suitcase for me. Include about 7 outfits for 2 days because the weather may change drastically
pack 6 pairs of shoes for myself because I may need them all
pack all personal hygiene products for myself
pack snacks for the kids
pack all items needed for Studley who will stay with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend
take Studley to Grandma and Grandpa's
pack sunscreen/bug repellent/camera/pillows/playpen/lawnchairs/stroller
feed children before heading out for the long drive
dress children
change dirty diaper
make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked
walk through the house to make sure nothing is forgotten
lock house
realize I forgot the booster seat so unlock the door and get it
make sure bunny has food and water

Mr. Momma's duties in preparation for a few days away
put gas in van
pack two outfits and deodorant
spend 90 minutes cleaning and vacuuming van
go get coffee
load van

The End

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blueviolet said...

The imbalance is so unfair and yet so universal. :(

I hope you have a wonderful time!

WackyMummy said...

Just not fair! And yet so typical. Gotta laugh at that. =)

Octamom said...

And don't forget the unpacking list...


{Kiki} said...

I love packing. I love that I am going somewhere. I love making check lists, organizing clothes and shoes, etc. Happy WW and take care.

Tiaras said...

hee hee - I always get a bit miffed at times like this - why is it that the mom has to pack for everyone???

Jenny said...

So not fair all we do for prep for a vacay, but hubs gets off so easy.

Jocelyn said...

My kids are going to L.A. in California with their dad this coming Saturday so I'm actually getting into my packing mode this week too.

Aren't we mothers special? ;)

Trudy said...

Sounds like hubby started the vacay BEFORE the vacay!

Shana said...

Yep, that sounds about right!

Foursons said...

We're leaving today for a couple of days and this sounds just like my house!

Heatherlyn said...

haha! Actually, my honey does as much as the packing as I do, locking up etc. AND he still is the one who gets to load up and detail the van (a job I really am glad I don't have). I do get to unpack everything though. :(

Jen said...

yeah packing sucks and guys suck more.

girlytwins said...

Haha so very true. We went away this weekend and my responsibilities looked liked yours and the hubby's like your hubby's :)

Michelle said...

I hear ya!

Swoozie said...

If you stop and think about it all, it REALLY does suck. And yet it's absolutely the way it is and there is just NO way of getting around it.......

Enjoy your time away!

(your lists make me want to crawl back in bed; and yet I know THEY will find me!)

DissedBGDaddy said...
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Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Uh huh...and I'm sure it's the same way when you get home!

Elaine A. said...

It's just not quite a 50/50 in this situation, now is it!? It goes about the same at our house...

Have a good trip! : )

scrappysue said...

yep - that pretty much says it all, it's like when we moved from nz to the states. man packs bag, gets on plane, gets off plane and goes to work on other side of the world.

as for the mum......let the list begin...

julie said...

It's funny 'cause it's true!! Hope you enjoyed your days away!