September 09, 2009

At the Fair

Cheaper Than Therapy

We recently went to a country Fair.
Out in the country.
In the middle of nowhere.
While we were there, we saw many interesting sights.
Be prepared for some upcoming posts on what I saw.
Because I cannot keep it to myself.
I took pictures.
And I like to share.

I digress.

At this Fair, we saw animals.
I enjoy animals.
And I couldnt help but notice that they enjoyed me too.
Posing. Eye contact. They were eager for me to take their picture.
So I did.

I had a connection with this horse.

The mohawk was what attracted me to him.

But when he looked right at me as I snapped the pic, I liked him even more.

And this guy/girl. I don't know if he/she liked me or hated me. But he/she looked so I snapped.
I love, love, love cows. I do not know why, but I just do. And I love them even more after getting this picture of Luci.
This is Max. The owners told me his name as I tried to get a picture. When the first one didnt work, I said "Here, Maxy, Maxy" and made some funny noise that I have never made before. He looked.
But this one is my favourite and made the long drive to the Middle of Nowhere worth it. Smiling horses make me smile.

He is smiling isnt he?

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Foursons said...

Yes, he is smiling and I think his name is Mr. Ed!

WackyMummy said...

Cute! I love animal pictures too. =)

Martha in PA said...

Great shots!

Bridgette said...

I love the fair!!! Great pictures!

{Kiki} said...

Love those horse photos. I used to ride and I miss it almost everyday. They are such beautiful creatures. Thanks for sharing and take care. Happy ATWT.

sheila said...

I love love love horses...but my fav pic here is the cow!

Sally said...

Great shots, I like the first horse with his mohawk!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I'm feeling like I was there! Thanks for the tour!

Happy ATWT!

Heatherlyn said...

Fun! He was smiling at you! I like cows too. Something about watching cows eat gives me a sense that there is goodness in the world. I realize that is strange.

I love the fair. I'm looking forward to seeing your future posts. There are so many interesting things there!