September 10, 2009

A Conversation with my Son.

Transcribe a recent entertaining conversation you recently had with someone

Picture this.
Rowdy in his booster seat covered with crumbs from donuts he ate days ago. Princess restrained in her car seat and whining because she is unhappy about being restrained in her car seat.
And Momma.
In the front seat of her Mommamobile.
Listening to Lady Gaga.
And singing along.
Because that is what she does when in a vehicle without her husband who "forces" her to listen to bluegrass music when he is with her.

Happy times.

"Mom, turn the music off"

*I do although I am not happy about missing the part about the "disco stick"*

"That excavator over there is the biggest excavator in the whole world"

"Umm....I think there are probably bigger excavators somewhere"

"No. I know that one is the biggest one"

"Ok, maybe you're right"

"I am right. I am always right. Don't you know that by now?"

"Umm....You think you are always right but sometimes you're not which is ok. You don't have to be right all of the time."

"But I am right all the time"

*I turn the music up*

"Mom, turn the music off"

"Did you know that trees can fit in a train?"

"Umm.....I guess if they aren't tall trees"

"No. Even tall trees because you can lay them down"

"But the train-thingy might not be long enough to hold a tall tree"

"You're wrong Mom"


*I turn the music up*

"Mom, turn the music off"

"Did you know that 23 Bobcats could fit in our house?"

"No, I didn't know that"

*I turn the music up*

"MOM, TURN THE MUSIC OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"When I was at ________'s house his dad told his mom that when he was at work he had to have a terd so bad that he pooped his pants"



*I turn the music up"

Yes, I actually wrote the word "terd". Yes, he actually said it. I am hoping it isnt true.

*Now go see MamaKat for more wonderful fabulous posts by people who probably never use the word "terd"

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Foursons said...

How dare you turn up the music when your son is having such an important conversation with you! Love that your son's friends are talking such lovely things while he is over. ;)

Carrin said...

Oh, I love the things kids say! It just goes to show that kids pick up on everything especially terds!

Kell said...

terd is such a hilarious word. i have never heard it used in that context - but it made me lol at work so i am not complaining.


Lauren and Emily said...

bwahaha! I think after that conversation I would have turned the music up and left it up! ;) Too funny!

Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran said...

Here from Mama Kat's...So glad you are teaching your son to use such better language than we hear in the world...terd is mild...and I don't think I have ever typed that word previous to this moment. Hey, and the music...well,someday they will thank you when they are older and some new artist remakes the songs you listen to, and they already will know the lyrics!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

SO gross about the guy and his terd! LOL
My kids like to think they're always right, but I let them know that it is *I* who is always right!

Erin said...

Kids say some of the best 2 year old would tell you to turn the music UP!

Heatherlyn said...

Gotta love that always being right thing! (I have a few kids with that mentality).