September 17, 2009

I seem to have an obsession with body parts

Cheaper Than Therapy
First I did a post on the hands of a 93 year old man.



Not the feet of a 93 year old man because I just wouldnt do that.


So here you have it.

A fun


of my family's fenomenal feet

minus the females.

It's a fact.

I am not a fan of feet.

But I do love my family's feet.

Because they are faultless.......

when they are not filthy.

Filthy feet freak me out.

So I fight......

and finagle....


to keep my family's feet clean.

And when they are,

I find my foto-taker

and take fotos of my favourite feet in the whole entire world.

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Sally said...

Very cute post.
I'm glad they weren't 93 yr old feet!

Mel Fraase said...

Fun and Fabulous Footwork!!

MommaD said...

i'm sure when those are big people feet, you will treasure you pic of them as little ones! happy atwt!

Foursons said...

In general- feet are gross. No one is allowed to touch me with their feet. Gross!

shopannies said...

feet make for some of my favorite pictures

Nicolasa said...

aah, see I love feet!