October 01, 2009

Tomboy in the Making???

Cheaper Than Therapy

The other day I turned my head
and went into the barn for approximately 16 seconds.
When I came out, I found this

My daughter

climbing on to my son's ATV

My daughter

A girl.....female.......

excited about climbing onto a boy's toy.

It is dirty

and noisy

and for boys

She is supposed to like dolls
frilly things
and most definitely should not enjoy getting dirty.
She is a girl

How do I stop this love affair before she actually wants one of her own?????

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lynne b. [my life in blog] said...

how sweet. indeed, i am as girly as they come. but, i love the country. mud. 4'wheelin. fishing. camping. its an awesome experience. she can be all girl but a little country too :) check out this blog i wrote a few weeks ago; its about this!


adorable pics.

Anonymous said...

To me there's nothing better than seeing my daughter at a 4 wheeler mud drag race beating the boys and pissing them off!! I love it! You let your baby girl have that moment of feeling muddy. It's a fantastic feeling to know that my daughter can be a girl yet know how to run with the big dogs!!! She has just inherited her great grandpa's International Tractor...so, tractor pulls are in our future and more pissed off boys! You go, baby girl! Love ya, Kristina

Sheress said...

No tomboy just a girl who enjoys the other toys and fun. Every girl has another side to them. Very cute pics.

Bridgette said...

How cute! Love the pictures.

Gigi said...

Let her be the tomboy believe me the "frilly" side will come soon enough! She is just precious! Can I keep her (at least until she's twelve? Then you can have her back because I don't wanna do the teen years!)

Jen said...

Judging from the look on her face, I think that you are too late.

Foursons said...

Buy her a pink one!