September 22, 2009

Prayers and a Giveaway

5 months ago this couple was preparing for the best day of their lives. Their wedding in Jamaica with many of their closest family and friends.
They were full of joy, happiness and excited to begin their new life as husband and wife.
They were married on the beach on a picture perfect day.
Their life had begun.
Kevin, just 30 and Alison 26.

Alison's mother and my mother have been close friends since they were little girls.
Alison's grandmother was a very close friend of my grandmother.
Our families have been bonded for over 50 years.
To me, Alison is family.

At 30 years old, married less than 4 months, Kevin was tragically taken from his newlywed bride and best friend.

To say that his family and friends are devastated is an understatement.

Not only is Alison grieving but she is also paying for a wedding and a funeral. At the age of 26.


So friends and family are coming together to help in any way they can. Because that's what friends and family do for the ones they love.

A fellow blogger and close friend to Alison and Momma's family has a giveaway to raise funds

Because any amount will help.

So I beg you to go here and read about it.

And after you read about it, I beg you to buy a ticket or two or three. Because it goes to a great girl in a great amount of pain.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd after you purchase a ticket or two or five, say a prayer. Because that is what Kevin's family needs the most to get them through this difficult time.

Thank you.

Go here

and go to

5 Minutes for Mom

and to this fabulous place for more

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Foursons said...

This is horrible. I'm gonna check it out tomorrow.

Jen said...

Oh that is terrible I am so sorry. I will go and check things out.

Shana said...

Oh God Bless Her. I am so sorry this happened. I wish I had something to give. I will definitely pray for her.

blueviolet said...

What a horrible tragedy. I'm so terribly sorry.

Allison said...

so sad.....i will pray

Stefany said...

How horrible. Prayers for her and the entire family.

JennyMac said...


Sending prayers and positive thoughts for the bride and the everyone impacted by this tragedy.

Steph said...

Sending prayers to friends and family alike, how tragic...

Jenners said...

Awful ... just awful. And seeing the photos -- seeing their youth and vitality and happiness -- just make it all the more heart-breaking. My prayers are with the family.

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

That is just so sad and terrible. I don't know what to say except they looked so happy and in love in those photos. I hope they all find peace. I'll keep them in my prayers.

Mama said...

Thank you all for your Prayers, messages and donations. The draw was a huge success and such a creative idea. Please know that when everyone comes together like this it helps the family move along. Thank you!!! Mama of the Bride.