September 22, 2009

Random Thoughts- Emmy Fashion

The Un Mom

As I was watching the Emmy awards the other night I found myself thinking. "What the heck am I watching this crap for?" Yes, I enjoy television but not so much that I need to watch incredibly rich celebrities celebrate themselves even more. Don't they have enough??

So I paid attention to their clothing.

Because I like clothing. Mostly jeans and sweatshirts but dresses and heels are fine too. I can dream cant I?

Just because I live my life in grubby clothes and only own one dress that fits me and one pair of black dress pants with a blouse doesn't mean I don't notice a great outfit.

I know what looks good.

And what doesn't.

I think.

So I bring you my fashion commentary from the 2009 Emmy Awards. Next year you can look for me on the red carpet wearing my one dress. Maybe I would be allowed to borrow some jewellery.....

Heidi Klum. Good for you. At this stage of each of my pregnancies I was only interested in moomoos and would not be seen out in public unless I was making my way to the hospital to give birth. What I want to know is why she hasn't gained any weight anywhere else except her tummy. That is wrong. I hate her. Damn her!

Holy hips Batman! Most women try to hide their hips, not make them bigger with a big bustle-thing. And where is the million dollar necklace? Shame on you!
Love the colour. Hate the hairdo. Do not like the belt. Who is she?
Umm.....I think this gal got hold of some big animal's teeth and made them into a necklace. Ewww.
Sarah McLachlan is my absolute favourite singer ever. Name one of her songs and I can sing every single word, guaranteed. Her voice is angelic but her fashion sense sucks. Even the guy behind her is wondering what the heck happened.
Ummm.......I have no words.
Except distasteful.
My favourite dress of the night goes to Sandra Oh from Grey's Anatomy. She looked shiny, stunning, spectacular, skinny....but not too skinny, simple and shimmery. I loved it.
I am sure she will sleep better knowing that.

Signing off from the red carpet. This is Momma, for Blog TV.

Ok, that was tacky. Even I know that.

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Missy said...

I have never understood the need for all these award shows. We know what we like. Do they really need another pat on the back?

WackyMummy said...

I didn't even know it was on. Where have I been?! Glad you can keep us updated on what's happening. (I was over-involved last night in the House season premiere. 2 hours! Yay!)

DakerMom said...

OK, I didn't even watch them. Didn't even know they were on. But, you are absolutely correct, Sandra Oh looks amazing, everyone else sucked at their attempt to dress themselves! Good review :)

Julie@Momspective said...

The 3rd one is the gal from that 70's show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I heart her.

shopannies said...

loved the glitz as well and heidi was sure showing off that baby bump

Buggys said...

I totally agree with your list. Last night I saw the best and worst dressed lists and I thought the picks were lame! On both sides. Yours is perfect. I'm looking for you on the carpet girl!

Heatherlyn said...

I, too, wonder about the emmys. What the heck? A bunch of people award themselves for the great job they do reading cue cards and acting out fake plots to entertain bored people. For real?

But the way people dress, now THAT is interesting. :)

Ginger@When Ginger snaps... said...

Thanks for posting all of that. I worked during the Emmys. Now I feel like I got to see the best parts, and didn't have to miss anything. I agree with you about the last dress, too. Beautiful!

Pollyanna said...

Sometimes I wonder if celebrities have mirrors.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure the one you didn't know is Selena Gomez (she's in a lot of Disney stuff). If I'm wrong, tuff patoties, I tried :)

I'd love to have you drop by my place: Life Makes Me Laugh

Elaine A. said...

I would look just like Heidi if I wore that dress right now. *cough, cough*

P.S. I LOVE and KNOW every Sarah song too. Her voice makes up for the attire...

blueviolet said...

Ooo, Sandra Oh did look fantastic! Look how skinny Heidi Klum's arms still are. I hate her too.

Swoozie said...

Sandra Oh looked awesome.

And why oh why can Heidi NOT have a fat arse at this stage of her pregnancy?!?! She looks amazing (which was polar opposite of ME when I was at that 8 1/2 month stage and counting!!)I still haven't decided if I should love her or hate her for it--LOL

I don't keep up with the tv shows but the award shows are entertaining because of fashion alone!

Jen said...

I missed most of the Emmy's. Thank you for this!

Foursons said...

Sarah's dress? What? Could the designer not line up the seams?

And Sandra looks stunning.

Jenners said...

This post was like reading Us Weekly or People! I love it! And Heidi Klum is amazing. First of all, she looks great all the time and she doesn't try to hide her body no matter what it looks like. And that Obama dress is just awful.