October 23, 2009

Fall Decor and a Confession

I will confess.
I am not a big fall decorator.
Christmas, yes. Fall, not so much.
But I will show what I do anyways.
Don't laugh.
Don't judge.
I am still a good person.

Anything my children make is displayed in some way. Just like these fall candles. And yes, we have lit them many times at the dinner table and nothing has blown up so I would say their craft was a huge success.

Orange balls and gourds. My children picked out the gourds so they are funny shaped and "warty" looking but that's ok. I am not picky.
Fall leaves and gourds. I buy the cheap fall leaves on sticks and just "stick" them throughout the house. Don't laugh.
Pumpkins scattered throughout my family room. I couldn't resist them and the price was reasonable.
Fireplace mantle. Two bunches of orange flowers with orange ribbon. Scattered gourds and leaves on sticks.
Closeup on the mantle.
More balls. I like balls. Hmph.

Wreath on the door. I was too cheap to buy one so I made my own. Just call me Martha.
Our many pumpkins outside at the door. Behind them is a huge planter with burgundy mums but they are starting to look...well....not so good.
There you have it my friends. That is the extent of my fall decorating. Stay tuned for Christmas.......

Go here to see much better fall decorating ideas than mine.

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AnneMarie said...

I want to decorate but it never seems to happen... like 4 kids, or working on my photography... lol... gotta get going in that!!! I did plant mums by the front door- does that count??

Anonymous said...

I would say you did quite a bit for not doing anything! Your fireplace mantle is so pretty...
pk @ Room Remix

Kekibird said...

Hey, you decorated! That says something, right?

Kristen said...

I adore the pictures of your kids on your mantle. Very sweet, and stylish - a good combo!

Heatherlyn said...

I always think it is interesting to see how people decorate for the holidays. And I'm with you on the kids' decorations. They always go up!

Foursons said...

Well Martha- I think you've done alright! The extent of my Fall decorations include 2 carved pumpkins that we carved on Friday. That's it.


I love your mantle! It's beautiful! Your mums are starting to look just like mine. Ok, so I don't feel so bad now! Thanks so much for sharing! -April

Misty said...

I think it all looks great! I am not that much of a decorator either but I actually managed to get my first outdoor display accomplished this year! To see it and the rest of my decorations, head on over!


I like your blog very much! Very glad I found it! Going to follow! Have a great week!

Jenners said...

Um...I hate to tell you, but you are a big fall decorator! You do about 75% more than me! Love those ghourds!