November 06, 2009

Preserving Memories=Addiction

An Island Life

If there were support groups for people addicted to preserving memories, I would have to join. I am sure my family and friends would hold an intervention and force me to get help because I have taken it too far.

I save everything. I take pictures of everything because I want to remember the moments. I want my children to remember the experiences that they have as they grow older. I want their children to know what their parents were like as children.

And so on.

Admitting my problem is the first step right?

But I am not ready to get help because I feel there is nothing more important than preserving the memories of your life.

I have 25+ photo albums throughout my home.
I have thousands of pictures saved on my computer (and disk).
I have framed photos throughout my home.
I have baskets and baskets of videotape of my children.
I have made albums for family members as gifts.

I am addicted.

And overwhelmed.

Are you addicted to preserving family memories?
What things do you do?
How do you NOT get overwhelmed?
How do you keep yourself organized?
Do you like giveaways?

I am going to GIVE something AWAY because I am nice.
And I love my readers.
And I love preserving memories.

I am giving away this.

What is it you ask? It is a Creative Memories Wishes and Dreams Card Making Kit. That is what it is. I have been addicted to Creative Memories products since oldest child was born almost 8 years ago. The quality cannot be beaten and I will not buy anything else when it comes to preserving my memories. You can make your own cards (12) with your photos and the products included in this kit. Yes, I know. It is awesome.

Soooooo, here are the rules.
Leave a comment answering my questions and I will enter your name in the draw.
Leave a comment and become a follower and I will enter your name 5 times.
Follow me on Twitter and I will add 5 more entries.

Just make sure you tell me what you do k? Because I am unorganized and overwhelmed.

Contest closes next Friday. Now go ahead and answer my questions, become a follower and pass this information on to all of your memory-preserving-addicted friends.


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WackyMummy said...

Lovely idea. I used to do scrapbooking... or at least, putting photos in albums. Not since my son was born. But I have thousands of photos organized nicely on computer. Does that count? =)

Andrea said...

No. I'm horrible about it. I have all my photos on the computer but never remember to print any out! Last year, I ordered a photobook with some of the best pics of the year for my hubby for Christmas. I might just do that each year. It was really nice!

TheAngelForever said...

I love taking photos and have my camera with me at all times. With that said, the digital age has meant I hardly print photos. Lazy mostly and just don't want to be bothered. It was easier to drop a roll of film off and come back. I blog as a way to preserve my memories. The last time I really printed photos out for book was when my oldest was 2-3 . . . he is 6 now and we have another son (now 2).

I am Harriet said...

I use to collect stuff and then it got to be a pain because there was so much and really, nobody cared.

Have a great Friday!

LT said...

I am so not going to be helpful because I fear I am the opposite of you! I am underorganized when it comes to my photos. I need to get prints of about the last 2 years of my kids life made, I need to update my photos in my frames etc. Maybe someone could just put a few more hours in a day for us???
O.K. seriously, how about just carving out a dedicated time each week for Preserving?

Whimsical Creations said...

I am addicted to preserving my families memories. I am also a creative memories snob. I love their products. I think I want to try their digital scrapbooking software so I don't feel so behind with these digital photos.

I stay organized by keeping my photos in chronological order.

~ Noelle said...

i am working on scrap booking..
especially with the hubby deployed, I want him to get an organized view of everything!

Marie said...

I try to take photos and I journal at times but honestly I don't do very well at the whole preserving memories thing --sigh. I just don't seem to have the time to sit down and do it!

Heatherlyn said...

I do take a lot of pictures. I've been using photobooks with software from If I ever scrapbook again I think I will still scan it in and publish it in a photobook. I like scrapbooking because it can be so beautiful and creative.

Jendi said...

Are you addicted to preserving family memories? I don't think so - although I do worry about it occasionally.

What things do you do? I take pictures and videos, but that's as far as it goes.

How do you NOT get overwhelmed? When I did scrapbook - half a baby book for each child. I did it at my moms. So, I'd take enough for a couple pages and that made me stay focused.

How do you keep yourself organized? I'm supposed to be organized!? ROFL

Do you like giveaways? I love giveaways and I'm going to do some scrapbooking again because the kids want me to finish their baby books.

Kandi Thompson said...

I sold Creative Memories for many years...I have so much stuff left. I love it!
One way I preserve memories is from an AWESOME company called...Once Upon a Family. They have so many preserving memories have to check it out:

Jenners said...

Well, the fact that we have over 10,000 digital photos of our only child is a big problem. I swear, it feels like every moment of his life is chronicled on film or video. To organize this huge overwhelming collection, I started making photo books on Shutterfly with the "best" photos of each year in the books (roughly in order of the year). I have a book for each year (well, actually I'm working on his 4th year book now ... I'm about a year behind) but I love doing this and the books are just so cool to look at and so attractive. I hope this kind of answered your question!

Hi, Lane said...

Our house is teensy, so we can't put up picture frames everywhere, but I got the great idea to do photo books from places like Shutterfly. A friend of mine does one for each child for a certain period of time (6 months, a year) and they cost about $20. So you could do either year 2009 in a book or you could do each child's year in a book. Then they'd have them to show all their kids when they're older. You can put as many pictures/pages in the books as you like when you're building them online. I think my husband and I are going to do that for our wedding & honeymoon photos as a book for friends & family to look at, so we don't have to drag out all 1200 pictures.

I'm also a follower!