November 06, 2009

Tis the Season to Shop!

Halloween is over, so do you know what that means?
It is time to shop for all of your loved ones and others that you may shop for that you don't necessarily want to shop for.
You know who I am talking about right?
Aunt Doris who always buys you socks with bells on them or Uncle Sam who gives you his leftover booze. Or fellow employees at work who steal all of your ideas and get a raise because of it and bosses who don't recognize your efforts on a daily basis.

Momma is here for you and did some shopping of her own on Etsy.

Etsy is my favourite place to shop in the world, just in case you didn't know.

I checked it out and found the perfect gifts for you to buy for those that you just cant find the perfect gift for.

You're welcome.

One thing that I forgot is to share the stores that they are available in. Shame on me. So I will give you key words to search for when at Etsy and I am sure they will pop right up for you.

You're welcome again.

Pierced ear earrings. Who wouldn't want these beauties dangling from their pierced ears???? I mean, they are original and "unique", and the fact that they look like another part of the female anatomy doesn't matter at all.
Squid hat. It is on my Christmas list.

One eyed monster. I am sure this would look great in your child's bedroom and definitely would not cause nightmares. Nope. No way.

Middle finger statue. This is the perfect gift for someone that is not on your "favourite" list. Or you could always use it to store your rings.

Nose warmer. C' know this would be great on those windy days. I will buy one if you do.

Female anatomy earrings. If you weren't sure the pierced ear earrings were right for you, then these would be perfect. Buy it for another female. Buy it for a biology teacher. Buy it for the person who has everything.

Teeth soap. This is the perfect gift for that senior you're not sure what to get. How about a dentist? How about someone with really bad teeth? Look at how perfect these teeth are. I was thinking of buying it and taking it to my dentist to let her know what I want my teeth to look like.

And last but not least. Crocheted frog anatomy wall decor. I have no words.

I am ready to start my new career as a personal shopper.
Contact me with your needs and I will be happy to find the perfect gift.

I do what I can to help.

Now go on and shop. You only have 40+ days to get it done. Just remember to leave time for Etsy stores to ship their products.

Go on now!

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JennyMac said...

nose warmer? anatomy earrings? Oh, this was great to start my day. Squid hat is too much. I must draw the line at squid hat. LOL.

sky girl said...

I love it!!! So, I've never really shopped on Etsy. What are a few of your faves?

Foursons said...

Ummm...yeah. I'll get right to that shopping. As soon as I pick my jaw up off the floor and can make a coherent thought again.

Jenners said...

Oh My Lord ... those are CRAZY!!!! The crochet frog dissection is my favorite I think! But the nose warmer is right behind it. If only I could be so lucky to receive one of these for my holiday gifts!

Jen said...

this was a fabulous post! Totally adding some of this to my Christmas list. ;)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OK, laugh if you want, but I would totally buy that nose warmer. My nose gets extremely cold and it makes me miserable! I'd wear it with my snuggie and carry around the birdie finger statue to whip out at the people who make fun of me.