December 22, 2009

Random Tuesday


So, yeah, I have been thinking.

Trying to figure myself out.

Because I am an odd one and find myself changing in ways that I cannot figure out. Is it age? Is it wisdom? Is it insanity?

That's what I am trying to figure out.

So far, no luck.

****I used to love wrapping. I looked forward to sitting in front of the television with the Christmas lights on and candles lit. I set out all of my wrapping supplies and went nuts.

Sometimes I would sit and wrap for hours.


And I loved it.

That time of my life has passed and I now dread it. Hate is a strong word but I will use it here.

I hate wrapping.


****I had my hair coloured the other night. I am now a redhead and all I can think of when I look in the mirror is that I resemble this.

Dark hair. Pale skin.

I need to move somewhere warm year round just to have a bit of colour.

I also dread the gray hairs coming in because I am sure they will blind people when they look at my dark hair and see shiny whiteys sticking out.


****I have zits. At the age of 34 1/2, I have broken out. Just tonight I squeezed a blackhead and a "snake" the size of my baby finger came out.

****I almost did the happy dance when I learned that Ellen Degeneres is following me on Twitter.

Then I noticed that she follows thousands of others. I.Must.Do.Something.To.Stand.Out. Suggestions are welcome.

****My girl crush is engaged. Carrie Underwood has decided that some hunky {Canadian} hockey player is better than a pale red head married to a man mom of three and is getting hitched. How dare she????

Hmm......I think I am figuring myself out.

Age? No.

Wisdom? No

Insanity? I think so.

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I am Harriet said...

Whaaaa...I dread wrapping the zillion gifts I still gotta wrap ;(

Have a great day!

VandyJ said...

I to am procrastinating on the wrapping thing. All that work is undone in about five minutes Christmas morning. I have boys so they really don't appreciate nicely wrapped presents.
Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Heatherlyn said...

OK, so I still want to see the red hair!

As I get older there are many things I used to enjoy but now do not. Like, baking. I'm still convinced I like it. But I don't really. I dread it and put it off. Too bad, because I've certainly gotten better at it over the years.
And this year, I didn't even decorate the Christmas tree. I put all the lights and garland on it and then the kids just filled it up with their ornaments. This doesn't even bother me. I think I only want to decorate the Christmas tree every OTHER year.
And yet ... I like onions. And nuts.
And what is with the zits? I agree with you. When wrinkles come zits should be out. That is just so. not. fair. My complexion was so much better when I was a teenager.
Good luck with the twitter. I have no idea how to stand out because I have no idea what everyone else is saying. I don't even twit. But you ARE funny. :)

Foursons said...

Wow Ellen is following you?! I'm impressed that you are one of the thousands!

Otter Thomas said...

My wife loves Ellen and follows her on Facebook. I am sure she would do the happy dance to anything Ellen related.

Jenners said...

I hate wrapping ... always have, always will. I like UNWRAPPING.

And why does Ellen follow thousands of people on Twitter???

sanjeet said...

appreciate nicely wrapped presents.
Anyway, Happy Holidays!
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