December 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday! Surprise Party Edition

Momma here. I know. You have missed me. It has been a few days since my last post and I have a good excuse.

Ok, I don't. Because this is Not Me! Monday!

So these are the things that I have not been up to.

I did not go into the hair salon Friday night with brown hair and blonde highlights, and walk out as a redhead. Nope. Not me!

I most definitely did not spend the last month planning a surprise anniversary party for my parents. 27+ people in my home, 5 days before Christmas to surprise my parents for their 35 years of marriage. Nope. It didn't happen.

Ok, it did and it was fantabulous!

I did not tell my parents that I was preparing a turkey dinner {my first} and research "turkey cooking" online and at the stores so I had some idea about what I was telling her.

But if I did, it was genius of me. I know.

My parents were not completely shocked and freaked out when they walked in our door and found 27+ faces yelling "Happy Anniversary"!

The first words my mom said were not "I need to go home and change" because she isn't that concerned about how she looks. At least she was wearing a bra!

Seeing the smiles on my parents faces and seeing many loved ones all together in our home did not make me teary-eyed more than once.

{Ok, it did.}

{I have already received the best Christmas present.}

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Foursons said...

What a good daughter you are! I'm sure you gave them the best Christmas present too. Where are the pictures of your hair Ms. Readhead?

Jen said...

that is awesome! I am glad that you are having a good holiday.

Heatherlyn said...

That's great your parents anniversary celebration turned out so perfectly!!!! So ... are you going to post pictures of the red hair?

Amy said...

I love it! What a sweet daughter you are to throw ANY kind of party right before Christmas! Congrats on (not) planning such a sweet surprise!

sanjeet said...

that is awesome! I am glad that you are having a good holiday.
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