January 08, 2010

About Me

Who am I?

Aside from being a wonderful, hilarious, beautiful creature who has the perfect life and no cellulite, I will let you in on a few more random facts about Momma. That's me.

*I am a stay at home mom who wishes staying at home meant eating bon bons and watching soap operas all day

*I have three well behaved children. Messy is 8 but acts like he is 16. Rowdy is 6 but acts like he is 82. And then there is Princess who is 2 and also goes by the names Diva and Drama Queen because....well she is.

*I am married to the busiest guy on the planet. We have known each other since the 1980's and have been married since 2000. Believe it or not we still like each other. Imagine that.

*We have pets. A dog named Studley and three gigantic rabbits that eat and poop alot. Studley's real name isn't actually Studley although I wish we thought of it when he was a puppy. He has a fondness for crayons, Lego and any food item on my kitchen counters.

*I am Canadian.

*I don't smoke. And you shouldn't either.

*I don't drink {often}

*I yell alot

*I look like Gisele Bundchen in real life. Really. {in my dreams}

*I have a fondness for chocolate

Fondness=addiction. Don't judge.

Get a good look at this picture here because I rarely post pictures of myself. Instead I exploit my children, dog and other members of my family without asking permission first.

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